John Carter & - 4-Day Seminar

"How We Trade for a Living"

Check out our 4- Day Live recording of the Chicago Seminar with bonus strategies and guest speakers. Dive into this day trading course with professional day traders and trading strategies with this 12 disk DVD set.

People who attended our past day seminars walked away with a clear understanding of how and make a living trading. You will receive the same day trading training through this elaborate DVD set.

What is covered in this day trading seminar:

  • Learn how to day trade
  • Review John Carter's and Hubert Senters' intraday online trading setups
  • Understand the use of Gaps, Moving Averages, Pivots in online trading
  • Work with the TTM Scalper buys and sells Indicator, Tick Fades, TTM Squeeze Indicator Plays, and Price Breaks
  • Learn how to make the right decision at the right time in the trading marets
  • Discuss trading methodologies, proprietary indicators, and market outlook
  • Familiarize yourself with professional online trading strategies and methodologies to formulate a day trading plan
  • Learn online trading principles, plus experience professionals trade Live
  • You will cover the day trading hardware and day trading software, how to use them and ones that work best for you
  • Learn basic market mechanics and Intraday Indicators

Other highlights from this day trading seminar: 

  • Experience guest speaker Ben Lichtenstein, live commentator from the pit, who provides pit audio service to use in your daily trading setups
  • Take a spectacular tour of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
  • Don't miss the highlight tour of the CME exchanges
  • Don't forget the most important element, Formulating a day trading plan
  • Your day trading plan with guide you through the online trading process, and help eliminate detrimental emotional trading.

"The key to successful trading is finding the setup and the market that best fits your personality."

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