Igor Ledochowski – Mind Bending Language Mentoring

There are 22 s in the program and the titles of the videos are as follows:

  • 1: Mind Bending Language & Hypnotherapy
  • 2: Turning Unconscious Moments Into ‘MBL’ Magic Moments Demonstration
  • 3: Finding The Real Problem Using MBL Questions Demonstration
  • 4: Probing Questions Demo, Demo Mentoring Debrief & How To Have to Mind-Bending Language Flow Naturally
  • 5: Concrete Vs Abstract Thoughts & MBL Questions Demo
  • 6: How To Elicit Similes & Metaphors Demo, Using Symbolic Language For Change Demo & Demo Mentoring Debrief
  • 7: Dealing With “Problem Clients” Demo & How To Positively Hijack Their Resistance
  • 8: Basic Pain Control Demo, Advanced Pain Control Demo & Demo Mentoring Debrief
  • 9: The Story Of Ambrosia & How To Use MBL Intelligently
  • 10: Pre-framing, Reframing, and Out-framing Using MBL & Personal Trance Themes
  • 11: Negative, Neutral, And Positive Unconscious Moments & Accessing Resources To Create Transformations
  • 12: Student Freestyle Sessions & “Increasing Your Discipline” Demo
  • 13: Unconscious Moments Demo Mentoring Debrief & In-depth MBL Questions and Answers
  • 14: Student Demo – “Not Socially Fitting In” With Real-Time Coaching From Igor
  • 15: Demo Mentoring Debrief & Troubleshooting Problems
  • 16: Using Hypnosis & MBL For Medical and Health Issues
  • 17: “No Holds Barred Hypnotherapy” & Student Demo “Fear Of Starting A Hypnosis Practice” With Mentoring Debrief
  • 18: How To Extend Unconscious Moments, Hypnotic Therapy Loops & Student Demo: “Accessing The Unconscious” With Mentoring Debrief
  • 19: Student Demo On A Real Client With Igor Real-Time Coaching & Mentoring Debrief
  • 20: Using The Power Of The Present Moment & How To Do Over The Telephone
  • 21: Student Demo With A 2nd Real Client
  • 22: Demo Mentoring Debrief, Generative Vs Remedial Change & Hypnotic Benediction


Igor Ledochowski (born April 1, 1974) is an Austrian author, hypnotist & Master NLP Trainer. Ledochowski is perhaps most well-known for being the direct descendent of Wladimir Ledochowski. He is the author of The Deep Trance Manual, Crown Publishers (March 1, 2003).

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