John Piper – Before Work System

Before work, tomorrow, take just ten minutes to bank your first tax-free £120, £274, or £365 profit

What Do You Get?

  •  Profit Before Work Manual which contains video links but to simplify the process all the videos are also hosted on
  •  Weekly email updates, every Monday which cover the trades made in the previous week and any ongoing questions.

Brief Summary:

Profit Before Work is a simple spread betting by that fits in well with the lifestyle of most people. This is “low risk” so when you lose you lose a little and when you win you can win big.

The will “take just 10 minutes a day” and requires that you “check one simple website for one simple profit signal”. “If the signal is there – lock in your profit. If it isn’t – finish your breakfast and get on with your day as normal”. You can “tap a few keys” and when you return home “bank your first £120, £274, or even £365″.

Anyone can use this system, “No matter who you are, what you do or how much time you’ve got to spare during the day … you could do this”.

John knows there are a “lot of people out there who claim that you can make easy money for ‘just 10 minutes work’” and they “really get my goat”, “because you and I both know it’s an absolute load of bull”. However, John uses this himself to “generate regular profits every morning”, “since the 90s when I first discovered I could quit the trading floor and pretty much live using this system”. His commitment is to “continue doing it tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that and the … you get the idea”.

There is some explanation behind what the FTSE is and why trading in the morning is the most powerful. There are numerous testimonials and also two examples of “winning weeks” where every day produced a profit and returns of over £2,000, for 10 minutes of effort each morning.

Some days “we might hit a loss”, “it’s just how these things play out”. “The great thing about this system, however, is that you can very quickly cover any loss anomalies with the next day's wins”. Losses are limited by a “15 point risk-limiter” so “you will know exactly how much you could lose” as you place your trade. At £10 a point this is £150 per trade.

The website statistics show a profit of over £27k for the first 9 months of 2009 (8 months actually as May was not traded), assuming a risk of £10 per point. All months showed a Net profit.

The FAQs answer a few more questions. The is operated each morning at 08:00 GMT, you don’t need any expensive hardware or software, you get full access to John’s personal email address, there are no further costs money-back, and the money-back guarantee is backed by John’s publisher, Agora lifestyles.

The parting comment is – “I’m completely serious when I say that even if you’ve never before had a go at generating a second income by raiding the financial markets, this really is the one for you to try”.

The Material

The manual is quite simple and straightforward. It covers all the basics of opening an account and placing trades (FTSE spread-bet trades), these basics can obviously be skipped by those with some experience.

The itself is explained on one page, two at a stretch. It really is a simple to understand, we suggest even a complete beginner would be fully competent after a few days, a week maximum. The core of the is “to catch early action with a view to catching all the very good moves” and a “signal is usually given within a few minutes of the FTSE opening at 08:00″.

There are a number of what we call Trade management techniques that can be employed for this system. Some are complicated and would require more management than “10 minutes a day”. There is a recommended approach, it is a simplistic one and it is the one we chose to use.

Many supporting videos are provided but to be honest we felt that they over-complicated an otherwise straightforward concept. About half of the manual concentrates on; Advanced strategies, Trade history, Places to record your own results, Appendices (mostly from John’s books), Etc.

All in all, the core can be (and is) explained on a one-pager. Those with no experience at all will maybe take a week of exposure (maximum) to completely grasp the concept. Those with previous experience should be good to go in about 10-15 minutes.

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