- Understanding Spreads

A brief but thorough and informative introduction to spread trading in futures. Material on this topic is scarce, and there has long been a need for an introductory primer like this for those interested in learning about spread trading. -- Softcover book version. The Adobe Acrobat Electronic Version of this book is available by clicking here. Discusses the basics of spread trading, along with many useful topics, such as Fundamental spread relationships Why trade spreads: advantages and disadvantages Important points to remember about spread trading Types of spread trades with specific examples Seasonal tendencies What makes seasonals work? Developing a seasonal approach The authors have many years of experience in and knowledge of spreads and spread trading Table of Contents Introduction What is a Spread? Fundamental Spread Relationships Why Trade Spreads? More Reasons to Trade Spreads Important Things to Remember About Spreads Disadvantages to Trading Spreads Uses of Spreads Types of Spreads Trades Intra-Market Spreads Intra-Seasonal Spreads Inter-Seasonal Spreads Inter-Market Spreads Inter-Commodity Spreads Source-Product Spreads Seasonal Tendencies What Makes Seasonals Work? Developing a Seasonal Approach

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