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Everything You Need to Get Started Trading 
The Most Profitable Chart Patterns and Strategies


As an aspiring trader, making sense of the markets can be tough. There's so much information out there and you don't know what is actually relevant to you. We simplify the overwhelming amount of information and provide you with the foundation you will need to start expanding your trading knowledge.


Before you start trading, you'll want to have all of the proper tools. There are tons of different brokers, softwares, and charting platforms, but they are not all created equal. Our years of experience in the markets have allowed us to help get you set up with the proper trading tools so you can save time and money by doing things right the first time. 


Once you understand the basics of day trading and have your toolkit, you'll want to get to the actionable stuff! We give you all of the information you need to start taking action in the markets. Learn high probability chart patterns, develop an efficient trading style, and pinpoint the best trading setups. 


Day trading is an ongoing learning process. This course serves as both an educational tool AND a reference. Watch it and watch it again! As you get more real-world trading experience, the lessons in this course will become even more valuable. Come trade side by side with us in chat! We will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.


Learning theory is essential to any trading curriculum, however seeing this theory applied to real trades takes things to another level. After teaching you a trading setup, we'll show you real, profitable trades that we have placed.


Tired of long trading courses that seem to only provide ambiguous outlines of day trading strategies? So are we! That's why we wanted to focus on making this course as actionable as possible. Once you learn the setups in this course, you can start applying them immediately. 


As day traders, we all share the same goal of making money, but we do things a bit differently. Certain strategies will resonate better with different traders. We've included multiple trading strategies that can be applied to match your own strengths. We cover going long, short selling, morning trades, afternoon trades, OTC trades, small cap trades, and much more!


Chapter 1: Purpose & History 
Learn about Nate's trading history and the steps he took to become a full-time trader. We will also give you a few tips on how to make the most of the upcoming content of the course 

Chapter 2: Setup and Terminology 
Consider this chapter, " 101." We will go over the basic principles of day trading and explain the need-to-know terminology. 

Chapter 3: Charting and TA 
Get a firm grasp of supply and demand and its importance in day trading. We'll also start expanding on some of the other tricks you can use to understand the psychology of the markets. 

Chapter 4: ABCD and Long Trades 
In this chapter, we introduce our most popular trading setup: the ABCD pattern. This pattern is easily recognizable for traders of all skill levels and a great "go-to" setup for high probability trades. 

Chapter 5: Red/Green and Long Trades 
Red/Green trades reflect a shift in intraday sentiment for a stock. We'll show you how to spot red/green trades and everything you need to know to start trading these setups. 

Chapter 6: Shorts and Over Extensions 
In this chapter, we introduce the concept of short selling - profiting from a stock dropping in price. Become a more versatile trader by playing both sides of the market. We will show you how to short sell and the setups you want to look for. 

Chapter 7: Morning Emotion and Faders 
Some of the best trading setups present themselves in the morning after the opening bell rings. Discover the concept of "morning emotion" and learn how you can turn it into valuable trading opportunities. 

Chapter 8: OTC Trading 
Many new traders are enthused by penny stocks. Penny stocks can provide solid trading opportunities, but they are also incredibly risky. We'll teach you the ins and outs of trading the OTC (penny stock) markets. 

Chapter 9: Brokers 
Choosing the right broker can have a surprisingly profound effect on your trading success. You need to make sure your broker will allow you to maximize your trading strategy. We'll go over a few different brokers that will enable you to execute your trading strategy with ease. 

Chapter 10: Daily Routine and Goals 
As you become more active as a day trader, you will begin to focus on all of the tiny elements of your routine. In this chapter, Nate discusses his morning routine, how he remains successful, and how to set proper trading goals. 

Chapter 11: Websites and Homework 
To sum things up, Nate discusses all of the trading tools he utilizes on a day to day basis. This includes charting sites, scanners, news sites, and so much more!

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