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Instead it is a money pit and often results in:

– Dissatisfied clients

– Unreasonable expectations

– Low paying retainers

You see SEO is like planting a seed and growing a tree over time
Paid advertising is like filling a bucket of water with a giant hole at the bottom
You need to keep refilling the bucket to have water
The most impressive part of it is how many people actually click the top Google search results. Here is an image of a Google heat map showing you where users are clicking in the search engines.

Businesses care about one thing


Regardless if you have fancy business cards, clothes, cars, or a fancy office … they want to see results
It is simply the reason as to why you’re not getting them to accept your offer because you have nothing to show
But I’m going to reveal to you how to get social proof fast even if you’ve never done SEO as a service…

Social proof where your customers will send you messages like this:

Here is how we built social proof  in less than a month for a plumbing website
Our goal was to rank (Naugatuckplumbing.com) – go ahead, make the search in Google and you’ll find the real website up and running.
Google loves website domains that have a lot of age. So, as a result you can purchase domains with age and previous SEO work done to them

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