Good Energy Worldwide – Dispatch Mastery Course

Learn how to earn income in the $797 billion dollars Trucking Industry without owning a truck.

What you will learn.

This digital course will teach you how to generate profit in the industry with low startup costs.


    Having a system in place is what keeps a company running smoothly. A major key is how well dispatchers are working with the drivers. Learn the 6 points of communication on a load and how to efficiently in this course!


    The load board is a database that has every load coming in and out of every state in real-time. Many new companies won't have a contract coming in the door, so keeping trucks moving from this source and building relationships is key. Learn proven techniques from Alix on how to MASTER the load board in this course!


    What separates the companies that get by from the ones who make major profits, has a lot to do with working smarter, not harder. This course will break down the science of maximizing your numbers.


Master the art of Dispatching in a $797 Billion dollar a year industry

  • Fleet owners who their own trucks
  • Non-truck owners who want to earn revenue for carriers and want to be certified
  • People who want to start and run their own service

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