Sandy Jadeja – & 2020 + Bonuses

Learn from one of the best traders in the industry. needs a little introduction.

Learn how to use his 2 Simple but highly effective strategies to increase your daily earnings as used by Professional Traders and Investors.

“When we first showed these to a handful of people in April 2020, the participants were shocked at how simple the strategies are and how to collect anywhere between $300 - $2,100 per day using just 2 simple strategies.

This all started out as an experiment to help a handful of people to earn an income whilst staying at home during the unprecedented period we are all facing currently. How can you earn or replace your current income and not be impacted by the Global recession?”

In this series you will learn:

• How To – capture significant profits from the current market movements. We have seen historical trends in the Global Financial Markets including Stocks, Gold, and Oil as well as many essential Currencies. This webinar will show how previous attendees have managed to create a second income from the markets.

• Understand - how and why the Corona Virus will change the landscape for jobs and the economy. This is a major disruption if you are not prepared for phase two which is why you need to change the way you think about your career.

• Discover – how to generate consistent daily income from the market using simple trading strategies that can be learned as well as applied immediately. Instead of being fearful, this is a time to be creative and resourceful to help grow your income.

• Know which – markets are currently offering Profitable Daily Opportunities. Importantly you will also see which markets to avoid to minimize risk.

• Learn - how not to panic but rather set your FEAR aside instead of freezing up: don’t miss this opportunity to see what is ahead for the coming months.

• Strategies - You will learn two specific trading strategies to trade the Dow Jones or S&P500 that are allowing our students to take between $300 - $2,100 per day from the markets. These are simple rule-based methods you can follow.

There are phenomenal movements right now where people are using volatility to capture incredible returns from these Global Financial Markets. Instead of being led by a fear-based emotion and living in a state of uncertainty this period of time is now at a historical all-time high of panic and disruption. This would be a good time to look ahead and see what tools you can use to create a Plan B for your income.

Package Inclusions

This package includes the following course videos delivered by Sandy:

  1. Webinar 1 - Part 1 - Trading Basics
  2. Webinar 1 - Part 2 - The 2 Strategies
  3. Webinar 1 - Part 3 - Questions + Bonus Strategy
  4. Webinar 2 - Recap & Examples

BONUS 1 - Informational Workbook

  • Everything you need to know about trading and daily income strategies, including:
  • What is Trading?
  • Which Markets Can You Trade?
  • Managing Risk
  • Order Types
  • Market Gaps and Order Slippage 
  • Leverage- What is it? 
  • What is Margin?
  • Initial Margin 
  • Variation Margin 
  • The Market Circuit Breakers 
  • Market Types- Rolling Cash v Futures 
  • Overnight Funding Charges 
  • Market Dividends- Why Do They Affect Me?
  • Futures Trades – When do they Expire? 
  • Part Closing your Trade 
  • Trading Hours
  • Choosing a Broker- The 5 Essentials 
  • Why Do I Recommend Core Spreads? 
  • CoreSpreads User Guide
  • What is Your Plan? 
  • Our Objective
  • The Process
  • Strategy 1
  • The Rules 
  • Example 1 without Indicators 
  • Example 1 with Indicators 
  • Example 2 with Indicators 
  • Example 3 with Indicators 
  • Example 4 with Settings 
  • Strategy 2 
  • The Rules 
  • Example 1 without Indicators 
  • Example 1 with Indicators 
  • Example 2 with indicators 
  • Example 3 with Settings 
  • Key Pointers 
  • Including Over 30 Trading Examples

BONUS 2 - Sandy’s Market Outlook 2020

2-hour webinar on Sandy’s market outlook for 2020, recorded April 2020

BONUS 3 - Sandy’s Psychology Webinar 2020

2-hour webinar on Trading Psychology from Sandy Jadeja, recorded May 2020

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