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Course Syllabus

  • Basic Elements
    • How to effectively locate Supports and Resistances?
    • Why Trend Lines are a vital piece of the puzzle?
    • How to effectively spot the chart patterns?
    • What is Confluence Trading?
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I am Jerry Singh. Born in in a small town near Ludhiana(Punjab). I was taught, brought up, and “programmed” by my family and friends to be a successful person one day by doing a high–end job in some multinational company so that I can have a rich, secure future. Therefore, I was always one of the bright students in school and then ended up doing a diploma in Engineering (Tool & Die) in an Indo-German institute in India.

After finishing my diploma with 75% aggregate I made up plans to study overseas to accomplish what my family wanted, i.e. to become a successful engineer and work a 9 to 5 for some multinational company. I started my Bachelors in Engineering in Wellington, New Zealand, studied for a couple of years while doing some rear-end jobs in order to survive and pay my university fee. However, situations became tough as there were absolutely no work opportunities available in Wellington and my extra busy 18-hour day schedule never allowed me to neither study nor work nor have some private time properly. Thus, my parents asked me to move to Perth, to my sister, so that I would have some support and won't have to worry about cooking my own food or paying the rent. So I did.

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