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Joe Ross - Andy's EMini Bar - 40 Min System

Andy's E-mini Bar ™

A new way "with controlled risk" for intraday trading

with stable payouts

After months of research, testing and real trading we are still satisfied with the trading method

From Joe Ross

Dear friend,

many know Andy Jordan, an amazing spread professional trader. If you know Andy, you know it's a person who really want you to succeed as a trader.

I have good news for YOU!

Many months ago Andy has found a way to FILTER THE RISKS and at the same time get a steady flow of profits. If you want a way to make trading simple and reliable, Andy's E-mini Bar is for YOU. Recently, he has added a completely new concept on the use of the method and the results were remarkable.

You can succeed in trading

Among the many ways I've seen to trade, this is one of the most reliable. HERE ARE THE WORDS OF ANDY:

"Whether using the method for a short period, ie a few months from the beginning of the year to now, both by using it for a longer period, over one year, the parameters have remained the same. I trading with this method in my account, and Joe, really works!!

I think when traders will see the amount of the maximum cumulative loss, will be pleased with this method of trading. My method E-mini Bar produces profits without huge losses that other methods suffer ".

Now I will introduce the method Andy's E-mini Bar - with all the details.

At Educators we believe in simple methods. We do not believe in testing periods on the past too long, because the markets change over time. We believe in observing the market and trading on what we see. The reality of trading is what is happening now, not what happened in the months and years ago.

In short, our tests on the market put the emphasis on what is currently happening.

When the economy changes, it also changes the market. When changing government policies, it also changes the market. When changing the interactions between nations, it also changes the market.

Markets are formed by participants. For many reasons, the participants change. The participants are in a constant state of flux. This makes dynamic markets, and this is the reason why the mechanical trading systems rarely work for long periods of time. Instead, the discretionary methods like this can also operate for long periods of time, and can be adapted to market changes.

When we present a method of trading to our readers, we do it with full clarity on how the method is working currently. None of our methods is a mechanical trading system, and that's why we give you all the details of the method, so you can use it intelligently.

Andy's E-mini Bar presents a simple method of trading, tested on the future Mini S&P. As each method, this also has fluctuations in the level of effectiveness. In the time it is presented, the method is gaining. We do not know how long the method will work before you have a period without trade or start a losing period. Therefore, you must monitor the method of daily trading, to decide whether and when to use it, and when you think you should stop using it, stop immediately. However, this method, without variations, working from the middle of 2004. We are continuing to test it and to use it constantly, and notify you if changes will be needed in the parameters.

Here are some features:

  • The curve of the capital reported under account for commissions of $ 5 / round turn (ie total commission for opening and closing the position):
  • The curve of the following capital account for commissions of $ 7.50 / round turn (ie total commission for opening and closing the position):
  • The curve of the capital reported under takes account of fees $ 10 / round turn (ie total commission for opening and closing the position):
  • In our opinion it is desirable to have a trading capital of $ 5000 per contract used.
  • The wins-losses ratio was above 70%.
  • The maximum loss (largest loss) was $ 500 per contract, but the average loss (average loss) was $ 145 per contract.
  • The maximum payout (largest win) was $ 375 per contract, but the average payout (average win) was $ 121 per contract.
  • The actual maximum cumulative loss (max drawdown closed out) in the test period was $ 675, and the maximum cumulative loss intraday (maximum intraday drawdown) during the tests was $ 888.
  • The method has produced three consecutive losses but also 11 consecutive wins.
  • As seen in the graphs, the fee shall be $ 10 / round turn or less.

Other facts

The method requires you to have access to real-time quotes and 09:30 AM US Central Time (USA Central Time, 16:30 Italian time), in order to observe a possible input signal. After the entry order has been executed, you can place an order for the lens and an order for the protective stop. If you do not have the run by 10:30 AM (17:30 Italian time), you waive any potential order, and do not work on that day method.

  • The trades are not kept open overnight (overnight). You 'must exit before closing.
  • The method provides only a trade day and only on days when there is a possible input signal.
  • You do not need to sit to watch the trading continuously all day. This is not a method for intraday trading "with a lot of movement."
  • There are only a few rules of the trading method. One of these is wait until it has finished the first hour of trading to search for an input signal.
  • The method does not use indicators or chart patterns. It is based on the specific situation of a single bar. If the situation does not occur, it is not operating.
  • The method has been tested only in the future e-mini S & P 500. We do not know how it behaves in other markets. However, if you want you can check it.
  • You do not need a programming code to use the method. They serve only the rules, which are provided.
  • The method works since 2004.
  • The method and rules are provided in electronic format, by means of a file.
  • This method will make you rich quickly? Surely not. But Andy's E-mini Bar you can bring profits with a controlled risk. When the income increases, you can choose to operate with more contracts, and the results can become extremely interesting.
  • Good traders know that they do not have to work all day, or even every day.


Tool for the Curve Capital

It 'very convenient to have a way to build the graph of the share while using a method.

As a bonus you are given a tool that helps you do this.

It 'a simple worksheet that contains four columns:

- Date

- Profit $

- Cumulative Profit

- Moving Average 20 40 trade or trade, according to the method

Just enter Date and Profit $ of trade and the tool builds the curve of capital.

The tool not only allows you to monitor the capital, but also allows you to improve the performance!

The graphs above show the results of the method in the worst conditions. Instead, using the graph correctly capital, it will be possible to further reduce the cumulative loss that may occur.

The tool will help you stop using the method when it does not produce profits, and will also help you gauge when to resume work.

When you begin to use a method, you do simulated trading on the card allows you to gain experience and build the curve of capital without risking real money.

If you want a cautious approach and simple, Andy's E-mini Bar it is for you.


My name is Joe Ross, and I’ve been a trader for over 57 years. Yes, trading without loss is indeed attainable!  I have spent the last eight years perfecting a way to earn instant guaranteed income, using other people's money, which I regularly earn without loss.

One of the best ways to acquire wealth is through the use of other people’s money, and there need not be anything negative about it. For example: a young person full of energy, ideas, but no money, might convince another person to back his/her idea.

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