Frank Kern – The Alchemy Event

The ALCHEMY EVENT was a secret two-day event that was all about the single most profitable thing you can do: Turn advertising into profit.

It was originally offered as an invite-only event for my best customers …and it filled up so fast that I was never able to tell the public about it.

But I did record it because (as you’ll soon see), it was the most important information I’ve ever shared.

Here’s why:

If you’re like most, you’re tired of the “JV Circuit”, tired of the hype, tired of having to scramble all the time for new ideas to bring in revenue.

The ALCHEMY EVENT is the cure for that. For the first time ever, I’m going to walk you through every single campaign, ad, sales process, product, strategy, offer, email, sales letter, webinar, video, and direct mail piece I’m currently using to perform the “magical” act of advertising to complete strangers and turning them into customers …quickly …at a profit.

Even if you didn’t go through the Legacy Collection (which would be silly) …you’d still be getting an incredible bargain because what you discover in the ALCHEMY EVENT will absolutely change your life.

You’ll come away with it holding the single most important thing I can give you: A ROADMAP TO FREEDOM.

I say this because once you build a system that turns ads into profit, you can truly be FREE.

FREE from worrying about consistency in revenue.
FREE from worrying about stability.
FREE from begging people to promote you.
FREE from sales slumps.
FREE from being a slave to your business.

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