PivotTrading – Gann Positional Swing Calculator

How to use this system

  1. This calculator is meant for positional and swing trading.
  2. To use this calculator, you need to select the time frame.
  3. If you want to trade for 1 month, you should take time frame of last 3 month or 1 month.
  4. Now for the last 3 months, find the high, low, and close. Enter that in the calculator here.
  5. Calculator will let you know the major trend reversal levels. These levels could act as major support and resistance levels.
  6. If the price of stock/commodity crosses this major trend reversal level, then the same trend might continue till the next resistance or support level is not reached.
  7. If the price of stock/commodity does not cross the major levels or could not sustain those levels for more than 2-3 days, then trend reversal is possible.
  8. Intermediate Support and Resistance levels should be used for Swing or BTST.


I started this website around mid-2009 back as an effort to share knowledge of the stock market and technical analysis for free to the retail/novice investor/trader. The idea behind bringing this website was to provide most of the knowledge that I gain to others for free and help them achieve their goals in the stock market.

The idea behind this website is to share as much free knowledge about technical analysis as possible.

– Sourabh (Founder)


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