– Momentum Explained (Principles & Indicators)

The Definitive Guide to Momentum Indicators

(This is a combination of both Momentum Explained courses with CDs)

The Definitive Guide to Momentum Indicators is 11-hour CD tutorial on momentum and oscillator interpretation. A combination of Pring’s earlier editions, Momentum Explained 1 and 2, The Definitive Guide to Momentum Indicators includes 2 interactive CDs; each complete with Index and quiz!

The Definitive Guide to Momentum Indicators covers numerous techniques for interpreting momentum indicators, from overbought/oversold and divergences, to advance breakdowns and breakouts, extreme swings, mega overboughts and oversolds; how short-term momentum indicators can also be used to identify primary trend reversals, and why it is important, even for short-term traders, to know the direction of the main trend. Illustrated with marketplace examples using intraday, to long-term time frames, finer points of the RSI, Stochastic, MACD, and Rate of Change indicators are discussed.

It also explains the theory, methods of interpretation and strengths and weaknesses of a host of momentum indicators including the Directional Movement System, Parabolic, Commodity Selection Index, Chaikin Money Flow, Trix, Demand Index, Herrick Payoff, Volume Oscillator, Volume Rate of Change, Linear Regression, Indicator and Slope, Chaunde Momentum Oscillator (CMO), Dynamic Momentum Indicator, Relative Volatility Indicator, Relative Momentum Index, Klinger Oscillator, R-squared Price Projection Bands and Oscillator, Inertia Forecast Oscillator, Qstick, Aroon. All in all, there are over 23 different indicators

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