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My Lifestyle  ROCKS!

Advantage Number One: The currency market is open 24 hours a day  Five days a week so I can trade any time I want to so I set my own hours. When I first started out, I only traded at night and on the weekends, and sometimes early in the morning before I went to my job as an insurance adjuster YUCK!

Advantage Number Two: Everything I do is on the Internet, so like I said before I can work from anywhere in the world, so no matter where I’m traveling, and for whatever reason, I have the ability to earn money for me and my family. I don’t know about you, but with the current political climate, being able to be portable is extremely important to me.

Advantage Number Three: I have the ability to cash out a second's notice, this is without question the most liquid market in the world, there’s always a buyer for cash. I never worried about being stuck without a buyer for positions, this is a clear distinguishing factor between the currency market and the stock market.

Advantage Number Four: This one may not sound as exciting to you but it’s a giant benefit to me. Since becoming an international currency trader I feel like I have a greater understanding of how the world works than anyone else that I know. Honestly, it’s like having your eyes opened to something that 99.99% of people don’t ever see. I really can’t explain it but what happens to you it will be awesome.

Advantage Number Five: I’ve learned an amazing skill to teach my children, this is the real way that wealth is passed down, not necessarily through money but through knowledge. Can you imagine a greater gift that you give your children the ability to always be able to earn a living, whether they have jobs or not, whether the economy sucks or not, whether we have great political leaders or total idiots?

These are just a few of the reasons that I’m a professional international currency trader, and why you should really consider becoming one.

“Currency Trading Has Worked For 10,000 years and Will Surely Last Out Your Lifetime and That of Your Children and Grand Children”

I would love to tell you that you just stumbled across some brand-new way to make money, passively, over and over again even in your sleep but that would be a lie.

Truth is there is nothing new about the system, the same systems that are being traded today, have been traded for years by banks and financial institutions, and it literally made billions.

The two big breakthroughs here are

Access:  The fact that now you as an individual trader can participate in international currency markets, right from your PC or Mac. You can open an account for as little as $100, and be trading as much as $1000 $10,000  in a matter of minutes.

Systems costs: The systems that financial institutions have been buying for years to trade currencies,  cost millions of dollars, took years to develop, and had to be running on giant mainframe computers that cost $250,000 apiece themselves. That’s all changed.

Today, virtually all currency trading systems could be run from a common laptop, and because there are now thousands of currency traders versus a handful before the cost of trading systems has come down sharply, costing anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for the same technology multibillion dollar traders.

You might be disappointed to learn that all this is not that new, but you should look at it in a different way. It’s proven. It works, and big companies have been making billions of dollars from it for years.

Now it’s your turn.

Are You Ready For The Exact FORMULA I Use – It Can Be On Your Computer Screen in The Next 7 Minutes

Okay, I rattled on long enough. By now you probably already made a choice of whether or not you want to join me as an international currency trader, am I right?

If so, I got some great news for you.

You can have my very best systems, software, and tools delivered directly to your computer screen within the next 7 min.

“So Why Would I Share My Best Currency Trading Systems With You?”

For the longest time, I only traded these systems in my own account. It’s not that I was unwilling to share my secrets, it’s just that I never really saw the point. I’m a trader, not a marketer and I was happy making money just DOING instead of TEACHING, but in the last – 24 -36  months everything changed…

When I started, there was very little information available about currency trading. Stock and commodity trading has been popular for decades, but currencies remained in relative obscurity.

And the information that was out there was either incorrect, incomplete, or it was just a rehash of basic trading strategies that have existed in the stock and commodities markets. No one even tested them to make sure those strategies actually applied in the currency market!

But I didn’t totally lose heart. I purchased one course after another, each time hoping I would learn something valuable. Each time, however, I was disappointed…

“All the Other Courses Were Hogwash!”

To put it kindly, I was PISSED OFF!!

“Heck, I can do better than this,” I said

That’s when I decided to publish my Forex Profit Formula™.

I wanted to offer an alternative to all the lies and scams being sold on the Internet.

I wanted to offer SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY WORKED…something that was proven through years of real-world testing and not just hyped-up theory that some wannabee guru thought should work!

And so that’s just what I did…

I’ve Packaged Three of My Best Currency Trading Systems Into One Package So You Can Start Making Money With Confidence TODAY!

These systems aren’t theories or “good ideas” I think should work.

These are tested and proven TRADING SYSTEMS that do work!

And when I say “trading system” I mean they come with ultra-specific rules such as:

  1. WHEN you should get into a trade…
  2. WHEN you should get out of a trade…
  3. WHERE you should place your stops so you can protect yourself should things not go your way (and you should know right now that sometimes they don’t)…

In short, there’s no room for error because I show you EXACTLY how you need to trade if you want to make money.

I don’t care how “green” you are…  after you go through my Forex Profit Formula™ you will know how to trade currencies!

And here’s exactly how you’ll do it…

The Secret To Profiting In Any Market, No Matter the Conditions…

Ask any professional trader and they’ll tell you that the market moves in only *one of three* ways:

  • Up…
  • Down, or…
  • Sideways

To successfully trade the currencies (or any market for that matter), you must be able to profit in BOTH up and down markets and AVOID the sideways markets altogether.

That’s exactly what the three (3) proprietary trading systems in my Forex Profit Formula™ allow you to do.


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