Woody Dorsey – Behavioral Trading

Have you ever wondered to what extent confidence and expectations impact stock market prices? In Behavioral Trading, stock market contrarian, Woody Dorsey, gives readers for the first time insight into his highly profitable proprietary market diagnosis techniques. These are often described as market expectations theory, behavioral finance, and most commonly contrary opinion analysis. Dorsey's work is followed by major investors and the financial media seeks his macroeconomic perspective that is more than six months ahead of the crowd. For the first time, shows how his technique makes behavioral economics practical, accessible, and understandable. He has developed his unique insights from his research of financial market probabilities during the past twenty years. Market Semiotics, both the name of Dorsey's company and his technique, is a research philosophy based on the logic of behavioral finance. In an illuminating and amusing fashion, this book offers an original and disciplined perspective that delivers precise forecasts of the market.


Woody Dorsey began publishing market commentary in 1985. His innovations in Market Sentiment Interpretation, Trend Duration Analysis, Trend Duration Analysis, and Transient Themes are part of a new called the Triunity Theory. This behavioral approach led him to identify major conceptual extremes, such as "Fantasia," the deflationary climax in October 1998, and "E*Greed," the dot-com extreme in early 2000. Dorsey lives in Vermont.

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