William H.Press - Recipes (3rd Ed.)

Co-authored by four leading scientists from academia and industry, Recipes Third Edition starts with basic mathematics and computer science and proceeds to complete, working routines. Widely recognized as the most comprehensive, accessible and practical basis for scientific computing, this new edition incorporates more than 400 Recipes routines, many of them new or upgraded. The executable C++ code, now printed in color for easy reading, adopts an object-oriented style particularly suited to scientific applications. The whole book is presented in the informal, easy-to-read style that made earlier editions so popular. Please visit www.nr.com or www.cambridge.org/us/numericalrecipes for more details. More information concerning licenses is available at: www.nr.com/licenses New key features:

2 new chapters, 25 new sections, 25% longer than Second Edition

Thorough upgrades throughout the text

Over 100 completely new routines and upgrades of many more.

New Classification and Inference chapter, including Gaussian mixture models, HMMs, hierarchical clustering, Support Vector Machines

New Computational Geometry chapter covers KD trees, quad- and octrees, Delaunay triangulation, and algorithms for lines, polygons, triangles, and spheres

New sections include interior point methods for linear programming, Monte Carlo Markov Chains, spectral and pseudospectral methods for PDEs, and many new statistical distributions

An expanded treatment of ODEs with completely new routines

Plus comprehensive coverage of

linear algebra, interpolation, special functions, random numbers, nonlinear sets of equations, optimization, eigensystems, Fourier methods and wavelets, statistical tests, ODEs and PDEs, integral equations, and inverse theory

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