Tyler Hicks – 209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate

More fortunes are built-in real estate on borrowed money than in any other business. And you can build your fortune in real estate using borrowed money too-if you follow the advice and tips in this book.

Whether you’re making your first foray into real estate investing or have invested for a number of years, 209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate will show you how to acquire income-producing real estate and build your wealth by using borrowed money. Long-time real estate advisor offers proven strategies and real-world examples to illustrate how much MIF-Money in Fist-you can realistically earn by investing in real estate.

A valuable guide for new, experienced, or affluent real estate investors, 209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate covers all the bases, from finding loans to hiring an accountant and an attorney to help with the business. Letters from individuals who have successfully followed the strategies outlined in this book are also included to help you understand exactly what you must do to make this plan work for you.

Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, 209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate discusses important real estate topics-including creative financing, acquiring single-family homes, and becoming a private lender client-to allow you to make the most of your in real estate.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: How This Book Can Make You Rich on Zero-Cash Borrowed-Money Real Estate xiii

  • CHAPTER 1: Build Your Real Estate Wealth on Other People’s Money 1
    • Invest in an Item of Lasting Value—Income Real Estate, 3; Recognize the Many Pluses of Real Estate, 3; Build Your Real Estate Riches Minute by Minute, 5; Start-Ups Win in Almost Every Real Estate Deal, 7; Speedy Results Are Possible in Real Estate, 10; Get in on Zooming Worldwide Growth, 12; Good Financing Can Be Yours Even with Bad Credit, 13; Take the Billions Being Offered to Real Estate Investors Today, 14; Forget about a Real Estate License When You’re an Investor, 15; Get into Non-Ownership Income Real Estate, 16; Plenty of Free Advice and Assistance Can Be Yours, 18; Grow Rich with Tax-Sheltered Real Estate Income, 18; Winners Are the Real Estate Norm, 19; Getting Real Estate Funding the Smart Way, 22; Take the First Step to Your Real Estate Wealth, 22; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 24
  • CHAPTER 2: How to Base Your Real Estate Riches on Borrowed Money 25
    • Know Why Income Real Estate Is So Good for You, 26; Pick the Location for Your Future Properties, 27; Local Properties Are Ideal for Beginners, 27; Figure What Down Payment You’ll Need, 28; Compute Your Needed Starting Cash, 29; Negotiate Your Way to Success, 31; Bootstrap Your Way to Real Estate Ownership, 32; Find Rental Income Assistance Everywhere, 33; Begin Your Income Real Estate Ownership Journey Now, 34; Stay Focused on Your Plan, 36; Manage Your Holdings for Maximum Income, 39; Increase Your Profits from Every Property, 41; Learn All You Can About Your Holdings, 42; Real-Life Examples of Fast Buildup of Ownership Assets, 43; How to Acquire More Residential Income Properties, 46; “Mud Flats” Can Be Money Machines, 46; Expand Your Ownership to Larger Properties, 47; Forget “Advanced Education” for Your Success, 48; Quick Steps to Make Money in Distant Real Estate, 50; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 51
  • CHAPTER 3: Start Your Real Estate Empire Without Using Any of Your Own Cash 53
    • Defining the Zero-Cash Deal, 53; Who Uses Zero-Cash Deals? 54; Focus on the Down Payment You Need, 54; Use Borrowed Money to Begin Your Empire, 55; Start with a Personal Loan, 56; Where and How Your Personal Loan May Be Made, 57; Secrets to Getting Personal Loans More Easily, 58; Where a Good FICO® Score Will Get You Your Loan, 59; Use a Secured Loan for Your Down Payment, 59; How Lenders React to Solid Collateral, 60; Enhance Your Credit with a Guarantor, 61; Use a Home Equity Loan for Your Down Payment, 62; Get Property Improvement Loans for Your Down Payment, 64; Tap into Your Credit Card Lines of Credit, 65; Get the Seller to Finance Your Down Payment, 67; Use a “Gift Letter” for Family Loans, 68; Never Overlook Possible Partners for Your Down Payment Loans, 70; See if You Can Get Some of Your Down Payment Back on Closing, 71; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 72
  • CHAPTER 4: Bootstrap Your Way to Your Real Estate Cash 75
    • How to Get in on Good Deals Now, 76; Explore the World of Real Estate Windfalls, 77; How Mortgaging Out Can Work for You, 78; Use Other Rules of Real Estate for Your Mortgaging Out, 79; How to Apply These Powerful, But Simple Rules, 80; Use Every Method You Can to Mortgage Out, 82; The Powerful Methods You Can Use to Mortgage Out, 83; Build Your Mortgaging-Out Wealth Quickly, 84; Know the Other Perks for You from Mortgaging Out, 86; Where and How to Start Getting Mortgaging-Out Cash, 87; Try Your Mortgaging-Out Luck on Multi-Family Buildings, 89; If You Have Time and Experience, Mortgage Out in Development, 90; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 92
  • CHAPTER 5: Use Single-Family Homes for Your Quick Real Estate Start-Up 93
    • Start with the Possible and Grow Bigger, 93; Know the Numbers of Your Real Estate Opportunities, 94; Now Here Are the Numbers of Your Single-Family Home Wealth, 95; What Types of Single-Family Homes Can Make Me Rich? 97; Now Let’s Get You Started Getting Rich, 98; Detached Single-Family Home Wealth Building, 98; Work the Numbers for Each Property You Acquire, 101; Put Your Numbers to Work, 102; See the Numbers of Your Real Estate Fortune, 104; Cautions for You When Buying Any Single-Family Home, 105; How and Where to Get Single-Family Home Financing, 106; Quick Benefits Offered to You by These Lenders, 107; Your Eight Steps to Quick Single-Family Home Financing, 112; Other Types of Single- Family Home Investments, 114; Your Tips for Single- Family Home Success, 117; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 119
  • CHAPTER 6: Where to Find Money for Your Real Estate Wealth Building 121
    • Your Money Sources Are Almost Unlimited, 122; Getting the Easiest of All Real Estate Money, 123; Where to Find First Mortgage Lenders, 123; Finding the Second Easiest Real Estate Loan, 124; Have Others Finance Your Income Property Fix-Up, 126; Get Guaranteed Loans for Your Investment Real Estate, 127; Get Grants for Beneficial Real Estate Projects, 128; Apply for and Get Lines of Credit for Your Investments, 130; Private Financing Could Be Your Key to Riches, 131; Get Your Real Estate Money from Public Sources, 132; Raising Real Estate Money from the Public, 133; Work with Investor Groups for Your Financing, 136; How to Raise Real Estate Money from Limited Partnerships, 137; Use 100 Percent Financing Funders to Get Your Multi-Unit Money, 137; Lenders That Fund Multi-Unit Real Estate Projects, 139; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 144
  • CHAPTER 7: Creative Financing of Your Real Estate Fortune 145
    • Quick Proof That Creative Financing Really Works, 145; Seven Reasons Why You May Need Financial Help, 146; How to Overcome Financial Problems, 148; Get Income Property with an Option, 149; Buy Properties Having Assumable Mortgages, 150; Assumable Mortgage Possibilities for You, 153; Find Zero Percent Down and 100 Percent Lenders, 154; Use a Lease Option Contract to Control Property, 154; Use Credit Card Lines of Credit, 156; Flip Real Estate with Creative Financing, 157; How to Start and Be Successful in Flipping Properties, 158; Take Lenders Out of Foreclosure Properties, 159; How to Be a Hero with Lenders, 159;Work with the FDIC and VA to Flip Properties, 160; Get Section 8 Tenants for Steady Rental Income, 161; Buy and Control Properties in Inner-City Areas, 162; Search for Low, Low Down Payments, 164; Borrow to the Hilt for Income Real Estate, 165; Use Home Equity and Personal Loans to Build Your Wealth, 166; Mortgage Out to Get Paid for Creative Financing, 167; Other Ways to Creative Financing, 169; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 169
  • CHAPTER 8: Find and Use Unique and Unusual Funding Sources 171
    • Sure Steps to Finding Your Suitable Lenders, 171; Pick the Type of Real Estate You Want to Own, 172; Find the Unique Lender for Your Kind of Real Estate, 173; How to Find Unique Lenders for Land Deals, 173; Search for Unique Residential Lenders, 174; Start Small in Commercial Properties, 176; Know the Range of Commercial Properties, 176; Wait Before in Industrial Properties, 183; Unique Funding You Can Do Yourself, 183; Two Quick Unique Ways to Raise Money Yourself, 183; Use a Limited Partnership to Raise the Money You Need, 183; Six Steps to Setting Up Your Limited Partnership, 184; Try a Real Estate Investment Trust to Raise Your Money, 185; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 188
  • CHAPTER 9: Use Sellers Having Built-In Funding for Your Deals 189
    • Eight Real Estate Deals with Financing in Place, 189; Government Foreclosures Often Come with Financing, 190; Do Internet Searches for Your Properties, 192; Don’t Overlook New Property Financing, 193; Take Advantage of “Financing Available” Offers, 195; Look for and Find Zero-Down Properties, 196; Look for and Buy FSBO Properties, 198; Private Lenders Could Be Your Money Source, 199; Look for the Unusual Offer, 200; Don’t Let Built-In Funding Pass You By, 202; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 203
  • CHAPTER 10: Count Your Way to Your Real Estate Wealth 205
    • Know the Numbers You Must Know, 205; Positive Cash Flow, 206; Monthly Debt Service, 208; Figuring Your Monthly Debt Service Cost, 210; Now Do the Simple Numbers, 211; Know What Your Debt Coverage Is, 212; Quickly Figure Your Capitalization Rate, 213; Now Put Your Numbers to Work, 213; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 214
  • CHAPTER 11: Turn Your Real Estate Holdings into Your Private Bank 215
    • Use Your Real Estate Equity to Build Wealth, 215; Tapping Your Equity for Profit or Fun, 216; Taking Steps to Repay Your Loan Quickly, 218; How Much Can I Borrow on My Equity? 219; How Is the Value of Your Equity Figured? 220; How to Increase the Value of Your Equity, 221; Use Your Increased Equity to Build Your Wealth, 222; How to Get around “Seasoning” Requirements, 224; Build Your Own “Bank” with Your Properties, 225; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 226
  • CHAPTER 12: Save Time and Build Your Real Estate Fortune Faster 229
    • Learn the Fast Track to Real Estate Wealth, 229; Flip Real Estate for a Quick Profit, 230; Sublet Properties for Non-Ownership Profits, 231; Use Options to Control Real Estate, 232; Be a Real Estate Loan Finder, 233; Build Self-Storage Wealth Today, 235; Build Big Profits in Off-Campus Housing, 236; Use “Liquid” Real Estate for Your Wealth Building, 239; Be a Loan Correspondent for a Real Estate Lender, 241; Get Loans and Grants from Little-Known Sources, 243; Make an Excellent Income Upgrading Older Rental Units, 244 Finance Your Real Estate Down Payments at 0 Percent Interest, 246; Your Real Estate Wealth Schedule, 247; Best Rules for Your Success in Income Real Estate, 253
    • Useful Real Estate Books, Reports, Courses, and Newsletters for Beginning and Experienced Wealth Builders 255
    • Real Estate Investment and Management Books, 255; Real Estate Self-Study Success Kits, Books, Reports, and Newsletters, 256


TYLER G. HICKS is a long-time real estate advisor and director of a large lending organization that has made millions of dollars in real estate loans. Hicks has also written several books on real estate investing, including How to Make Big Money in Real Estate.

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