Michael P. Turner - DayTrading into the Millenium

DayTrading into the Millennium is said to be the most comprehensive book on DayTrading ever written. The concepts and strategies in this book are straightforward and to the point. Simply put, the return on this investment will put a smile on any trader's face.

"I have read it several times. I commend you on an excellent book and would recommend it as a must-read for any trader. I am ordering a copy for my son (I am NOT loaning him my copy). The only contribution I can add at this time is to take Michael Turners' advice. (It could be worth 20+ grand from the start)." - Charles G Unger

"I'm finding that learning the art of day trading is not all that simple, to say the least. Your book has come at a very good time for me. In the past few months I have waded through numerous books on trading and day trading, but DayTrading Into the Millenium" is my bible because for the first time I feel that a book is speaking directly to my situation. I just read it through for the second time, highlighting and making margin notes, and now I intend to spend this week memorizing everything I have highlighted. I'm grateful that you wrote it. Whether or not I ever become a successful trader, I feel that your book has given me a better shot at it. I recently called to order it for a friend. I know it will be exactly what he needs, and I'm sure that many others would benefit from reading it. I'll recommend it every chance I get. Thanks again! Best wishes, Earl." - Earl

"Finally read your book, it was amazing." - Josh

"I have read just about every book ever written on day trading, and yours is by far the best out there. You did a great job communicating your message in powerful, yet easy-to-understand terms. When is the next book coming out?" - John W.

"Thanks for all your words, both practical and inspirational. Too many of the books out there make it sound like it's easy to make a killing day trading. You give the real story ...without rose-colored glasses... This should be required reading for everyone considering day trading. God knows it would have saved me about ten grand if I had read your book before ever placing a trade. Many Thanks, Ishmael." -Ishmael

"Did you price your book at $62.50 because that equals 1/16 of a point on a 1000 share trade?... When you look at it that way, a teenie is too cheap for your book. Charge at least an eighth for it." -Andrew W.

"I got your book last week... I have already read it twice. I would like to let you know that I think your book is great. You did a great job simplifying and narrowing down what the day trader needs to know a lot better than many of the other books I have read (including the so-called higher end more technical ones). You have been concise, clear, to the point, and with the right amount of detail (not too much not too little). I found it all logical easy to absorb and well worth it. I will recommend this book to my friends." -James S.

"I have been day trading for over four years, and I believe that this is the most worthwhile investment that any day trader can make." -Kira Stadele

"My name is Alex, I have purchased and read your book "Daytrading into the Millennium"...I find it very informative and rewarding, Thank You very much for writing this book and it is worth every penny of it because of the (strategy content), there are no other day trading books out there... that can benefit the trader as much as Daytrading Into the Millennium. Thank You!" -Alex

"I enjoyed your book. I hope you write again. I appreciate it if you could let me know when your new book is out. It seems to me you are practicing zen in the morning, although you do not call it so." -Shigeru Kitazono

"I have owned and read your book for some time now. I have spent many hundreds of days trading books, and I particularly like yours. I have recommended it quite often." -Carl

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