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Find Out How Any Investor Can Use to Lock in Fast Profits--and Decrease Portfolio Risk

Options are today's most complex, versatile investment tool. Ignored by who see them as an aggressive, no-limits trading gambit--which they definitely can be--options can, in addition, provide conservative with risk-hedging qualities available nowhere else. One thing is certain: all who trade options, regardless of their goals and strategies, quickly learn that the leverage provided by options opens the door to a world of innovative, profitable trading possibilities.

Fundamentals of the Market is a step-by-step guidebook for gaining increased trading profits--while protecting against market downturns--by using listed stock options, index options, and LEAPS. Plain-English analyses and explanations combine with quizzes, checklists, charts, graphs, and more to reveal:

  • How to open an options account, map out your strategy, and place your first trade
  • Trading tools--from synthetics to Greeks--for protecting positions and exploiting any market
  • Tips of the Trade-- How to remain focused, keep control of risks, and manage your options position

From hands-on basics to advanced technical skills, Fundamentals of the Market will provide everything you need to profit from options in today's volatile markets. Let this hands-on book--along with its companion Fundamentals of investing guides--help you build the skills and confidence for options trading success... before you risk money in the no-room-for-error waters of real-time trading!


Michael S. Williams is president and CEO of Compass, LLC, which specializes in financial education for and traders online, via the Internet, and through the PCX Institute. Williams has been an options market maker on the Pacific Exchange (PCX) for nearly a decade. He is a frequent speaker at conferences around the country including the TSAA annual conference, the Industry Council seminars, and The Money Show.

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