Live Traders – Strategies (Ebook)

Options have been around for many years, however, many traders and investors have avoided them because of the perceived notion that they are too sophisticated and thus hard to understand. Also, many people have the incorrect idea that options are overly risky or even downright dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The Strategies is a unique one-day course that is geared towards teaching you effective money making options trading strategies that are relevant in all market environments. The goal of this class is to instill professional level options trading strategies, and techniques as well as inspire the confidence you will need to set you well above the average options trader and investor. is one of the most misunderstood aspects of trading by new traders as it is often perceived as high risk or dangerous, which is far from accurate. This creates unique opportunities for traders who wish to diversify their trades.

They Have Superior ‘Cost Efficiency’

This simply means that options have better leverage than equities. An options trader can obtain an option for significantly cheaper than they can own the stock.

This also means you can start trading with SMALLER ACCOUNT SIZES!

Options Have Higher Potential Returns

Simply put, you can spend less to obtain an option yet make almost the same profit, thus garnering a higher percentage return.

There is also LESS Risk in options (depending on how they are used)

They are a great “hedge”, which makes them safer than stocks.

This is particularly true if there is a ‘mega-gap’ against your stick.

Options Also Allow You To Take Advantage of “Stagnation”

Most stock traders need volatility to make money; this isn’t always the case with options.

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