John L. Person - Candlestick & Pivot Point Strategies

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John Person is a 22-year veteran of the an and Options industry. Since his start on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he has worked his way throughout the industry as a Broker, Trader, and Branch Manager for one of Chicago's largest discount / full-service firms under the tutelage of a former Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade. Early in his career, John worked as an apprentice for George C. Lane – Credited with the creation of the oscillating system known as Stochastics. In addition, John studied Candlestick Charting techniques by Dan Gramza, the man who helped Steve Nison with his first book. John has applied his knowledge throughout the years by appearing as a regular contributor on several financial television programs and as a keynote speaker at some of the country's top Investment Expositions. In addition, John is the editor of "The Bottom-Line Newsletter", a weekly commodity publication that incorporates fundamental developments as well as technical analysis including his own proprietary trading system-using support and resistance levels on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This helps his clients identify potential buy or sell signals on a short, intermediate, or long-term basis.

Pivot Point Analysis is a famous technique that is used as a price forecasting method for day traders and professional traders as well. It is very popular among professionals.

You should have a better understanding of this method after reading and studying this booklet and the benefits to you may help improve your timing of entry and exit points of the market.

There are numerous advisory services, brokerage firms, and independent traders that use one form of it or another. Support /Resistance, price range forecasting pinpointing tops and bottoms, and target trading are some of the terms that are used to refer to it as well. For most traders on the floor of the exchanges, it is considered common knowledge or old school of teaching.

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