Jake Bernstein – 6-2-4 Winning Strategies & Systems

6-2-4 Winning Strategies and Systems Manual - 2nd Edition eBook*
6 of my most powerful, most accurate trading methods in futures & stocks
2 of my best trading systems, and...
4 of my highest accuracy timing indicators

Why spend big bucks on useless tools?
Why trade with indicators that DON’T WORK?
Why WASTE precious time with bad methods?
Why not get the benefit of my 40+ years of experience?
Why throw good money to bad by using worthless systems?

* Available in (.pdf) format ONLY - Not available in print format. 
  Release Date: 5 January 2013

At last a DEFINITIVE and COMPREHENSIVE manual that can help you overcome the most serious limitations to success. Get my BEST of the BEST systems, methods and timing indicators that I have researched and used in my more than 40 years of trading and market analysis.

Over 40 years of trading, research and teaching traders, has given me a unique edge and perspective on the markets. I have tested, traded, and/or researched literally hundreds of methods, systems and indicators. I have spent the major part of my life learning, trading, teaching and refining my methods. And you get the benefit!

My 6-2-4 Winning Strategies and Systems Manual -2nd Ed. can change your life by allowing you to tap into my vast fund of market knowledge. The scope is huge, covering everything from systems and methods to timing indicators, psychology, risk management and more.

If you’re serious about trading...then you need this breakthrough manual! 
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