Jack Cummings - Finance & Manul (9th Ed.)

Updated and revised to include ten years of new developments in real estate investment, Real Estate Finance, and Manual, Ninth Edition is the definitive guide to financing for all real estate investors. Understand all the financing options, learn how to choose an appropriate strategy, read about insider techniques, and get hands-on experience with case studies and helpful checklists.

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: How Real Estate Investing Goals Help You Formulate Effective Financing Strategies.
  • Chapter 2: How to Set Effective Goals for Successful Real Estate Investing.
  • Chapter 3: The Power and Art of Effective Negotiating.
  • Chapter 4: How Leverage Affects Risk and the Value of Real Estate.
  • Chapter 5: Conventional Financing: Where to Find It and How to Negotiate the Best Terms.
  • Chapter 6: Use Creative Financing to Maximize Benefits.
  • Chapter 7: How to Use Government-Insured Loans to Real Estate Purchases and Sales.
  • Chapter 8: How to Get Land Development and Construction Loans.
  • Chapter 9: How to Get the Most Benefit from Blanket Mortgages.
  • Chapter 10: Gain Leverage on Existing Financing with a Wraparound Mortgage.
  • Chapter 11: The Sale-Leaseback: An Tool That Works for Both Buyer and Seller.
  • Chapter 12: The Last Loophole: IRS Section 1031 Real Estate Exchanges.
  • Chapter 13: How to Maximize Your Use of Pyramid Financing.
  • Chapter 14: The Discount Sale and Leaseback and Buyback.
  • Chapter 15: How to Profit with Discounted Mortgages.
  • Chapter 16: Two Prime Insider Techniques: Preferred Income Sweeteners and Options.
  • Chapter 17: Five Powerful Secondary Financing Techniques That Effectively Close Deals.
  • Chapter 18: Eleven Creative Financing Techniques That Make Your Transactions Fly.
  • Chapter 19: Four Techniques: Where You Keep Part and Dispose of Part.
  • Chapter 20: Using Your Talent and Hidden Benefits to Barter Your Way into Real Estate.
  • Chapter 21: Nine Important Stages of Successful Real Estate Transactions.
  • Chapter 22: The Six Most-Asked Questions about Real Estate Financing.
  • Chapter 23: Keeping the Wolf from the Door.
  • Chapter 24: How to Effectively Develop and Implement Your Comfort Zone.

Appendix: How to Use the Constant Tables.


Author Information

Jack Cummings is President of Cummings Realty, Inc., which consults to real estate investors and developers and also specializes in site selection for hotel, condo, apartment, and mixed-use developments around the world. His other real estate titles published by Wiley include The Real Estate Investor's Guide to Cash Flow and Equity ManagementThe Tax-Free Exchange Loophole, and Commercial Real Estate Investing.

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