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The Fractal of Pi course is a home study course. It is a follow up course to the Cash On On Chaos course. It reveals further structure within the Hannuala Market Fractal.

Within the HMF, there are moves that are particulary attractive to trade. These are the fast moves I call "chaos streaks." For years I have worked to determine when those streaks would occur. I wondered what caused the streaks and how they were related to other patterns that I knew - such as the Hannula Market Fractal, as taught in the Cash In On Chaos course.

My research discovered that these streaks are formed by a particular combination of harmonics related to the number PI (3.14159 ). In late 1996, I solved the Mystery of the Streaks. I then created The Fractal of Pi course.

"Your Fractal of Pi is incredible! "

JT-S&P trader

Armed with my new toy, I tried it in trading. The equity curve shown is my personal account for the 1st quarter 1997. Trading an average of twice per week, I managed to grow the account over 400 percent. Trading the S&P 500 with just one contract, I turned $5000 into $25000 in 90 days.

How was that done? It was done with knowledge, discipline, and patience. Knowledge was the key. Notice the sharp jumps in the equity curve. Those jumps occurred when I analyzed and correctly caught the chaos streaks.

The second chart shows one such chaos streak. Chaos streaks occur in all markets. I like to trade them in the S&P 500.

The Fractal of Pi course will teach you the solution to the Mystery of the Streaks. That can give you a trading edge.

The Fractal of Pi is a follow-on course to the Cash In On Chaos course, which you must take first. This is because the Fractal of Pi expands the Hannula Market Fractal pattern with its seven elements to the Fractal of Pi pattern with 18 elements. These additional elements locate the streaks within the Hannula Market Fractal. They give you a razor sharp trading edge.

The fractal is provided in the form of computer generated precision mylar overlays. These overlays can be placed on any paper or on-screen chart to help identify the fractal pattern. The course takes about 6 hours to do. The course is contained in a 99 page book, with overlays.Requires non-disclosure.

Fractal of Pi Course Outline

  1. The Mystery of the Streaks
  2. Energy Fields in Markets
  3. The Geometry of Waves in Energy Fields
  4. The Fractal of Pi Pattern
  5. Fractal of Pi Examples
  6. Behaviors of the Fractal of Pi
  7. Trading the Fractal of Pi
  8. Scaling Charts to use the Fractal of Pi
  9. Conclusion

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