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"George has done it again with Small for Big Profits. His in-depth experience is invaluable in helping traders explore stocks that are $5 or less, without getting caught up in the fly-by-night idea companies that plague this investment level. He shows you where to look for opportunity and more importantly how to lock in profits in this little-understood investment arena. Impressive!" —Noble DraKoln, author of Winning the Game

In Small for Big Profits, outlines an effective strategy for finding up-and-coming companies with the potential of earning you incredible returns. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this reliable resource shows you how using a combination of technical and fundamental analysis along with other essential tools can put you in a position to profit from the explosive growth of smaller companies with undervalued, low-priced stocks. Page by page, you'll discover how to incorporate this proven approach into your own investment endeavors as Angell discusses how to use it to select, place, and exit trade after profitable trade.

Small, speculative stocks are quickly beginning to appear on the radar screens of investors around the world. If you want to make the most of your time in this lucrative market, pick up Small for Big Profits today and put its invaluable insights to work for you.

Table of Contents


  • Chapter 1: Making Money in Small-Caps.
    • Small-Caps: The Next Bull Market.
    • Separating the Wheat from the Chaff.
    • Hidden Value: The Small Stock's Secret Weapon.
    • The Value Investor.
    • Timing.
    • Small Stocks, Big Profits.
    • Paying Pennies, Selling for Dollars.
    • Every Stock Has its Story.
  • Chapter 2: Getting Started in Analysis.
    • The Conventional Wisdom.
    • What Is Analysis?
    • Where to Begin?
    • Support and Resistance.
    • Charts and Trendlines.
    • Breakouts.
    • Managing the Breakout Trade.
    • Continuation and Reversal Patterns.
    • The Most Reliable Chart Patterns.
    • The Real Value of Analysis.
    • Time and Price.
    • Momentum.
    • A Word about Short Sellers and How They Impact a Stock's Price.
  • Chapter 3: Profitable Strategies.
    • Identify Support.
    • The Rule of Three.
    • The Momentum Play.
    • Contrary Opinion.
    • Identify the Correct Phase of the Trend.
    • A Personal Observation.
    • Finding Gold Amid the Dross.
    • The Bottom Reversal.
    • Aggressive Buying.
    • When to Cut and Run.
    • Stocks That Trend Well. . .
    • . . .And Those That Don't.
    • The Rebound Theory.
    • Timing the Rebound.
    • When is a Stock Ready to Buy?
    • How to Identify the Low-risk Buy.
  • Chapter 4: Timing.
    • Seasonality.
    • How to Use the Bullish Consensus with Seasonal Patterns.
    • How to Construct an Oscillator.
    • Momentum Analysis.
    • Trading Filters.
    • Stops.
    • Moving Averages.
    • Market Timing: Pro and Con.
  • Chapter 5: IPOs.
    • The Basics.
    • The Public Offering Process.
    • How to Read a Prospectus.
    • The Cooling-Off Period and Road Show.
    • What Happens Next.
  • Chapter 6: Insider Buying.
    • Who is an Insider?
    • How to Track Them.
    • Small Have the Edge.
  • Chapter 7: The Selection Process.
    • Asset Plays and Concept Stocks.
    • Guidelines.
    • Nuts and Bolts.
    • Money Management.
    • Revenues and Earnings.
    • Cash Flow.
    • Price-to-Sales.
    • Balance Sheet Basics.
    • Understanding Return on (ROI).
    • Debt.
  • Chapter 8: Options.
    • The Basics.
    • The Terms of an Option.
    • Getting Started in Trading.
    • How to Use Option Volume to Pinpoint Moves.
    • The Rules.
  • Chapter 9: Your Roadmap for Success Tomorrow.
    • Buy When are Low-Priced and Depressed.
    • Identify First Leg and Countermove.
    • The Worst Performing Issues.
    • Always Buy at Support.
    • Price Capitulation.
    • Developing a Winning Mind-Set.
    • An Investor's Checklist.
    • The Look Ahead.


George Angell is the author of eight books on trading, including Sniper Trading, which is also published by Wiley. In addition, Angell lectures on the futures and options markets and creates software, audio, and video on trading strategy. He has appeared on and CBS, as well as numerous radio shows. Angell spent ten years as a floor trader in Chicago and is a graduate of New York University.

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