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He following section will present a bit of sample text from Ferrera’s couse The Path of Least Resistance, as well as show a handful of charts that illustrate the general style of techniques that are presented in this course.  We cannot really explain what is being done on these charts, as that is what is covered in the course itself, but we hope this helps give a better sense of the quality and depth of the materail!


Notice that this is the 2nd 10% or greater correction in the bull market that began from the 2009 low. I gave my Outlook for 2011 subscribers this particular sell signal prior to this square-out and correction, based on geometric angles projected up from the last higher low of the up-trend, and the lost motion entry pattern from my course, Keys to Successful Speculation.

Note that on October 4th, 2011, the market found support exactly on the 1 x 2 angle projected down from the 2007 top. From this point forward, the market never regained the 1 x 1 angle from the March 2009 low.

The 45° angle projected from October 4th, 2011 provided the main support level for the remainder of this bull market, thus illustrating why Gann said, “you must always draw 45° angles from every important high or low.”


The next down arrow in the series on the above chart shows where the 45° angle moving up from the March 6, 2009 low reaches the price level, or horizontal angle, of the October 2007 top. This “square of the range” brought in another notable market correction of approximately -8%.

The S&P500 Index then found support on the 45° angle moving up from the October 4th, 2011 low, that is to say, the same low price and date where the 1 x 2 angle from the 2007 top acted as a strong support level noted in the prior paragraph.


The 2nd red circle occurs on December 30th, 2014 to January 2, 2015 and will represent the 2nd “square of the range” from the October 2007 top.

Notice that the highest price levels reached in 2014 are all meeting strong resistance on the 1 x 1 angle from the April 2nd, 2012 top, which was an attempt to regain the original 45° angle from March 2009, but failed to reach it.


Another 1 x 4 angle was projected up from the October 2007 top to show the intersection of geometric angles occurring at the upper end of the green 1 x 1 parallel price channel. This brought in the third 10% correction since March 2009 and the market collapsed down to the 1 x 1 angle moving up from the October 4th, 2011 low, which is the most important support level that this bull market must hold. If this angle breaks, then according to Gann’s rules a collapse to the 1 x 2 angle or more would be anticipated.

The final chart above shows 3 additional arrows. The 1st down arrow is the March 2009 low price converted to time. In other words, the 666 low price, divided by the price 1 to 1 price scale (.992), which equals 671 trading days. This was the 1st square-out of the low expressed as time.

The first up arrow is the October 2007 high price converted to time, which equals 1589 trading days. This is the first square-out of the 2007 high expressed as time.

The 3rd arrow, which also points down, is the 2nd square-out of the March 2009 low expressed as a time period. These turning points were determined mathematically by dividing the price with the correct scale, but are identical to projecting the 1 x 1 angles up from zero at the date of origin, per Gann’s instructions, to determine when they reach the former price level or horizontal angle.

These examples show all of Gann’s essential concepts: geometric angles, squaring the range, squaring the extreme high and squaring the extreme low, all of which he presented in a small, yet very expensive course titled The Basis of My Forecasting Method.

The KEY secret Gann retained was not telling the student how to correctly balance the primary 1 x 1 angle so that 1 unit of price equals 1 unit of time. This secret was only revealed to private students who consented to signing a confidentiality agreement in order to have this essential key revealed. Without this fundamental insight and first important step, all of Gann’s geometrical work is practically useless, which explains why these Gann’s tools are generally misapplied by most Gann analysts, and are not appreciated as they should be.






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