- A Bull for All Seasons

For 30 years, Robert “Dr. Bob” Froehlich, Vice Chairman of DWS Investments, has been digging up attractive investment opportunities where no one else can find them. He's always timely and insightful investment articles on the subject have made him one of the most respected investment strategists of our time.

A Bull for All Seasons is a compilation of Dr. Bob's most prescient writings from the past decade, in which he explains the issues and events that drove his investment choices. Analyzing macro trends ranging from demographics to world events to Federal Reserve activity, he hits the mark almost every time. For each essay, Froehlich includes an “after-report” consisting of facts and numbers that, in nearly every case, bear out the accuracy of his prediction. Here, you'll find the author's greatest hits, including

  • The emergence of international markets (1998)
  • Dow Jones topping 10,000 (1999) and 12,000 (2005)
  • The fall and rise of the Mexican Stock Market (2000)
  • S. economic growth after tax cuts (2003)
  • The global boom in commodities (2004)
  • Fed rate cuts, despite skyrocketing CPI (2007)

A Bull for All Seasons helps you spot the trends and events that matter most giving you a jump on others so you can maximize your profits. As pertinent now as when they were written, the essays inside have stood the test of time and prove that there is always a bull market somewhere in the world. You just need to know where--and how--to look.

Taking a decidedly Main Street approach to Wall Street activities, Dr. Bob provides the insight and expertise you need to uncover those markets, develop a sound investment strategy, and seize the bull by the horns.

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