Bill Meridian – Economic Forecasting

Economic forecasting through the use of planetary cycles comes of age with the publication of this book. cycles have been analyzed in two ways, First, quantitative cycles have been computed based upon 200 years of American Industrial production data. This unique series became unavailable in 1988 and has been maintained by the author since that time. The second analysis is qualitative. Graphs showing commercial crises, recessions, and panics for each sidereal and synodic cycle are presented. Each cycle has been back-tested from 1800. Some of the results are contrary to conventional assumptions. The unique results reveal: 

  • Jupiter through the cycle of the signs has been the most powerful cycle for forecasting changes in production. 
  • The Jupiter-Saturn synodic cycle has been one of the least accurate cycles for forecasting production. 
  • Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions and oppositions tend to bring recession and crisis. 
  • Saturn 270 degrees from Neptune brings economic crises Economic Forecasting projects into the future. Discover when the next big crisis is likely to occur.


Bill Meridian is a financial astrologer. He began to study astrology in 1972 as he entered after he received his at NYU. He trained as a bioenergetic therapist with Dr. John Pierrakos in New York City for 7 years. Bill began applying computers to financial astrology in 1983 eventually designing the AstroAnalyst. He wrote several books, including Stock Trading, which uses company first trade dates to pick winners.

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