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Dear Friend,

If you want more new copywriting clients for your business than you can possibly handle… then this letter will show you how.

Here's the scoop:

I published a book for freelance copywriters called…

Email Client Horde

And, it reveals how writing a simple email each day can get almost any freelancer booked solid with copywriting clients chasing you down, and often already 80% "sold" on hiring you before you speak to them. It can also be used by coaches and consultants in other industries. But it is mainly intended for copywriters and is the exact same method I used to land high-paying clients who could have easily afforded to hire better and more seasoned writers. But, using my sneaky ways, they not only hired me… they hired only me (multiple times, plus referring me to their friends), without doing the usual client-copywriter dance around the price, without jumping through hoops to sell myself, and without even showing them my portfolio, in most cases.

However, before reading further, realize this book isn't cheap.

There's no money-back guarantee, either.

And, it's also short. (So if you judge information by its "bulk", no need to keep reading this letter, this product is not intended for you.)

To help you decide if it's a good "fit", here's a look at what's inside:

  • A special kind of sales pitches the "mad man" era genius David Ogilvy used to pack his agency with some of the best clients on the planet. (And, how to apply what he did to your business's emails so you can do the same.) Page 24
  • A counterintuitive way for getting better and bigger paying clients for your business is by bragging to them about how high your fees are! (One of the most in-demand sales speakers & trainers on the planet teaches this, and it can potentially do more to set you up with new clients than probably anything you'll learn anywhere else.) Page 88
  • How Earl Nightingale used the scientific laws of physics in a secret way to attract clients and customers in droves… and how to use his same method to get new clients pounding on your company's door, too. (I used this little-talked-about method to land the four best and highest-paying clients I ever had during my 9-year stint as a freelancer. It's ridiculously simple, and can also help you achieve nearly any other goal you want in life.) Page 15
  • A clever "tool" that can do all the sifting and sorting for you when looking for clients, so you only hear from the ones pre-sold and eager to hire you! (I learned this from a Harvard Business School speaker and interim CIO of two publicly traded companies I briefly almost worked for. And, it's the backbone of why my methodology works so reliably.) Page 28
  • The 3-second trick that can create far higher quality prospects for your freelancer business. (This is one of the simplest and most valuable things any copywriter can do to get instant credibility, almost automatically get the attention of serious clients, and command bigger fees. Best part? You can literally do this to your business in mere seconds.) Page 41
  • An old-school direct sales method that lets you pre-sell copywriting clients on hiring your business… while also getting paid by them at the same time! (A few smart, "in the know" direct sales industry distributors figured out how to make money while prospecting like this decades ago. And, it also works just as well to help copywriters get more cash flowing in while still looking for additional clients.) Page 42
  • A sneaky marketing trick (used by wealthy food companies) that can potentially make you the only copywriter clients want to hire. (For example, I had a $30 million per year business owner client who might have made a lot more money had he tested other copywriters against me. But he refused. Why? It's certainly not because of my sparkling personality! No, it is because the way my methodology for getting clients works made him only want to deal with me and nobody else.) Page 46
  • A totally unorthodox way used by one of the world's top A-list copywriters to eliminate the common, "Why should I hire you?" gotcha question. (This not only kills one of the most frustrating objections freelancers hear, but it also builds your credibility and gets clients practically stalking you down to hire you, if you do it correctly.) Page 48
  • An ingenious 2-step trick for making more fees by writing less! (This is another A-list copywriter's secret that can potentially get your schedule stuffed with copywriting clients. It's simple, too. And has nothing to do with your writing "talent.") Page 84
  • Insider ways to "jimmy" your marketing so you only deal with clients who already want to hire you before you even talk to them! (Even better: These ways require zero convincing, begging, pitching, or manipulating whatsoever. The fun begins on page 50.)
  • The real reason world-class doctors are seen as geniuses and can command outrageous fees… and how to apply what they do to your freelance business!

Let's take a break and talk about this in more depth...

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