Yuri Shramenko's Videos

September-early December 2013


  • Tide Wave Ripple
  • Horizontal Ephemeris
    • Specific timing techniques
    • Planetary Geometry
    • Advanced planetary aspect combinations
  • Planetary Speed
    • Ideas for researchers to practice with
    • Planetary Stations
    • Specific timing techniques
    • Price-Time Confirmation
    • Simple and complete trading system
    • Best Technical Indicator
    • Momentum Divergence and Sup/Res
    • All Time High Analysis
    • Dates of extremes prices analyzed
  • Stock Natal Analysis
  • Streaks and Mirrors
    • Very important – advanced framework
  • Planetary Trendlines
    • Powerful timing and sup/resistance
  • Planetary Fan Examples
    • Examples of planetary trendlines
  • Planetary Stepping
    • The best timing method
  • Trade Mechanics
    • How to trade
    • Trade Setups
    • How to combine all these tools
  • Market Geometery Intro
    • Fibonacci Expansions
    • Advanced support resistance levels
    • Fibonacci 128 Timing
  • Action Reaction Lines
    • The Parallel Lines drawing tool
    • Action Reaction advanced
    • Very potent swing trading method
    • Self-Styled Ellipse
    • Complicated but good
  • Ellipse Examples
    • Examples of above technique
    • Spiral examples
    • Money Management

What they say:

Thanks Yuri, Very impressive!

...Pretty freeking good! I tend to agree with your ‘Aspects’ comments. Your “3D” approach is better.
... "Yuri, don't sell yourself short you are easily the WISEST hands on trader I know! Plenty 'talk the talk', but few 'walk the walk'"
- Robert Rundle

Thanks for sharing this, it is really enlightning.
...Excellent! thanks for sharing.
...Great video as always Yuri!  (video: Fib Spiral)
- Alon Avramson

BTW, thanks Yuri for your YouTube videos. Very good stuff!
... Want to thank you for your videos. To me they are a fantastic resource to really start appreciating the power of Timing Solutions.
Great ideas too.
- Viva Yuri!

Profit Engineers (Terry)
Yuri, thanks a lot for all your Videos. I think I have watched them all. I am now playing around with some techniques I didn`t know before. All Videos are very well prepared and you are presenting here in my opinion a tremendous amount of knowledge and that for free. Again thanks!
- Gido Grossner

Many thanks for your great videos - particularly helpful for someone like me, your classic "student of the market".
... Many thanks for your latest round of videos. Its great seeing how you use the 128 tool which you persuaded Sergey to include in TS, and it was also interesting to see the 50% Pitchfork which I'd never heard of before.
... Thanks for sharing these valuable insights Yuri. It was (is) a great collection of videos and articles, especially for the inexperienced like me.
- Gerald Jaworski

Wonderful, insightful and intelligent analysis... Thanks very much!
...You ask interesting questions and require the viewer to engage with thoughtful prompts... hallmarks of a great teacher.
... Thank you, Yuri. Very well prepapred and presented!
... Thank you Yuri... I'm grateful for the work you are doing and sharing here.
- Jerome Nevins

Great Videos, the message you send across is perfect, I even find the commentary quite funny at times:)
Thanks very much and if possible keep them coming, there are so many features in TS that I'm unaware of and find that the videos are awesome
Sergey should put them up on his website in my opinion.
It's good to know that other people have been down the road I'm traveling, can be quite daunting at times.
- Thanks again, TRON Constructions (Steven)

Thank you very much for your generosity of time and knowledge. Your uploaded videos are exactly what I needed at this stage of time!
God bless you, Yuri. May all your good deeds come back to you multiple fold! I have learnt more from your videos than any other. Looking forward to anything ele you post
- Al Dina

Thank you very much for your videos. They were very helpful. I have used turning points before, but I was able to learn more about the capabilities of the program and the ability to back up observations with different non dependent approachs. Most impressive!
- Al  ([email protected])

Thanks so much for doing these videos. Really awesome stuff.
- BTW, on your Planetary Angles video, did you happen to scroll forward to this year? Take a look at where that 1H Venus line ended up. That is frickin’ amazing. You just can’t make this sh—up. Keep ‘em coming.

Best, Jim (Ranum)
Hi Yuri, thank you for your job and to share with all of us.
- Stefano

I looked at the about 5 of the 10 videos, and I think the ones I viewed are very good. I will look at the rest later. The first one mechanics is trully excellent. I would liked to have seen it 10 years and a few more trading dollars ago.
- Dr Charles MacDonald

Hi Yuri,
I just saw some of your video... I'm so glad your are doing them.
I have tried to use TS but its a software on STEROIDS. lol
So I take it day by day and learn something new, but after watching your videos I feel like I progressed a whole year lol.
brilliance (YT comment for "Fooled by Randomness")
- Jim Vestor

Your Timing Solutions videos have helped me a great deal.
Thank you for taking the time to make these training lessons. I’ve had the TS software for awhile, but have been a little overwhelmed with all the features. Your videos make using the software much easier for me.... Mr. Shramenko, your perceptions have been a great value to me. I truly appreciate you efforts and your wisdom.
- Brad Davis

Thank you Yuri. Excellent presentation
...Excellent Yuri. Thanks for sharing your expertise
- Richard Burns

as a first time user of Timing Solutions i have found your work to be top of the line and very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing your insights. I can't say enough about how you guys are at Timing Solutions, i have spent considerable time in other similar forums such as w59 trying to learn how to apply different tools more than i care to say:-)... and have never seen such valuable/useful insights freely shared.
Thank you very much... it is was very encouraging to hear someone freely share and do it in a comprehensible way.
- chinapassage

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