Tradingmarkets – – The Next Great Forefront Of Trading and Investing

  • Do you apply technical analysis to your trading?
  • Do you apply fundamental analysis?
  • Do you apply pure quant analysis to your trading, meaning data-driven analysis only?
  • Do you apply all three?

Learn why are on the forefront of trading and investing and how it can make you a more successful trader and allow you to build better trading strategies in this recently recorded video course.

What is Quantamentals?

Quantamentals is when you combine high performing quant strategies, with high performing technical analysis strategies, along with high performing fundamental strategies.

The objective is to take the best of all three worlds and combine them in order to create high performing trading and investing strategies.

Here are various examples of Quantamentals:

  • Fundamentals + Technicals + = Quantamentals
  • Value Investing + Trend Following + Momentum Trading = Quantamentals
  • Earnings Growth + Mean Reversion + Low Volatility = Quantamentals
  • Return on Equity + Trend + Momentum = Quantamentals

Each of these by itself has proven to have edges. What does is take the best of these edges and combining them together to gain the highest edges and returns possible.

This is the heart of - ”You’re Stacking Proven Edges!” This means when it’s done correctly you have better strategies and have the increased opportunity to achieve significantly higher returns.

Do you understand this? Do you like this? As you can see, this is the next generation of professional trading and investing!

Here is a simple example of a Quantamental’s Strategy Combining Fundamentals, with Technicals, with Quant

We published this on August 14, 2019 in the Connors Research Traders Journal.

The Power of Quantamentals

Quantamentals is your competitive edge!

For the first time you will now be able to combine technical analysis, with fundamental analysis, along with quantamental analysis, taking the best of all worlds and combining them into one methodology with the objective of trading stronger,and more robust strategies.

Going even further, when are properly applied in a professional, disciplined, and structured, manner, it leads to high performing, new portfolios that look like this...

Quantamentals – The Next Great Forefront Of Trading and Investing

This is the reason why is at the cutting edge of trading and investing. 

We’re seeing some of the very best historical test results from combining technical analysis with fundamental analysis along with quantitative analysis and you will too from our course which we will begin teaching in October.

Here is How The Class is Laid Out

The runs 4 consecutive weeks (90 minutes per week each) on Thursday night. 

Each week we build upon the best of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and quantitative analysis “stacking” the edges of each upon each other.

Week One: Putting The Base in Place

Identifying The Best Indicators To Build High Performing Quantamental Strategies.

There are literally dozens of various indicators you can use. Our goal is to provide you with the best ones available and the ones we’re seeing the best test results.

The list for fundamentals is from the the best of Norges, which is the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Norway, the largest Sovereign Wealth Fund in the World.

Norges has identified many of the very best fundamental factors. These include: 

  • Return on Equity (ROE) 
  • Return on Assets (ROA)
  • Return on Invested Capital
  • Earnings Growth
  • Gross Margins
  • Current Ratio
  • Stability of Earnings (STD of earnings)
  • Price to Book
  • Price to Earnings (P/E)
  • Cash Flow to Book Value

You do not need existing knowledge in Fundamentals in this course. Chris and I will teach you each of these and show you the best ones to apply.

In Week One, we will also identify the best technical indicators to use, along with the best quantitative indicators.

All combined, by the end of Week One, you will have all the tools in place in order to begin building high performing Quantamental trading and investing strategies like we just saw.

Week Two: Strategy Development - Part One (Long Strategies)

Combining The Best Quantamental Factors To Build High Performing Trading and Investing Strategies

In Week Two, we will begin building new strategies. Taking the best of the what we learned in Week One, we’ll begin combining the best factors and indicators for Fundamental Analysis, and Quantitative Analysis. What this means you will no longer be relying only on technical analysis (for example). You will see the power of combining each and how quickly they improve strategies.

By the end of Week Two you will not only know how to begin building these new strategies, we will be providing you with at least two high performing strategies (and their code) for you to begin trading immediately.

Week Three Strategy Development - Part Two (Short Strategies and Trading Strategies)

Now that you have the knowledge from Weeks one and two you will learn strategies for rising markets, declining markets, and for the times when markets go through times of stress. 

Quantamental Stock Implosions - (especially for options trading) - for example. We will teach you one the single best fundamental indicators to use in a bear market. Institutions dump these stocks first when markets drop, (an analyst from one of the major brokerage firms taught this to me - he said they avoided these stocks calling them “death stocks”). These stocks often implode and we’ll especially study these stocks from Q4 2015 when many of these stocks quickly lost 30% - 50% after combining their fundamentals with a special technical breakdown pattern.

Week Four - Combining The Very Best of Quantamentals

In Week Four we will be combining the best strategies in order to build new robust portfolios, with the goal of performing in any market environment.

We’ll also go into portfolio allocation, position sizing, sizing based on volatility, profit targets, stops, strategies to take advantage of short term trends, strategies to take advantage of intermediated term trends, and strategies to take advantage of long term trends

At the end of Week Four you will not only have all this knowledge, we will also be providing you with a number of new high performing strategies (and their code) we have already created which you’ll be able to apply to your trading immediately.

Here is Why Many of The Top Investment Firms Use and Why You Should Too

There are many reasons why has become one of the fastest growing areas for multi-billion dollar fund companies. This includes…

1. They believe, and we believe, there are large edges here. You can see this immediately from the two examples we presented. 

2. It’s easy to learn - You can learn in under 6 hours. In 6 hours, for the first time you will be able to do in-depth research, and build high performing trading strategies that combine the best of fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis. 

3. It’s more powerful to combine the best of three proven investing and trading styles. As you've seen we’ve been able to quickly build better performing, more robust strategies applying all three and you will be able to do this too. 

4. The opportunities are endless. This is because there are so many viable indicators that you can now combine and we’re going to lead you to the best ones to focus on. 

5. is a new and growing field and is on the cutting edge of quant finance. Looking ahead, you’ll be ahead of the majority of the investment world because most are steeped in only one style. 

By combining the best of the three styles you’ll have a significant competitive edge over the many professionals in the industry. 

Here is What You Will Receive In The Course

  1. Four recorded 90-minute weekly classes taught by Larry Connors teaching you everything you need to know about Quantamentals
  2. Unlimited access to all the class recordings
  3. Full class materials for you to study over and over again
  4. A number of new cutting edge, high performing quantamental strategies including the second one we showed earlier.
  5. Full know-how on how to professionally combine technical analysis with fundamental analysis along with quantitative analysis
  6. All of Chris Cain’s Python code for the strategies taught, including the signal generation
  7. A Private FB Group where you will be interacting with Larry and Steve throughout the course

Special Bonus: The “"Special Situations" Bonus Class for more indepth information and stratgies.

Who Is The Course For?

1. To get the full benefit of this course, you should have a 6, 7 or 8-figure account that you’re managing.

2. Because the course material is in-depth, ideally you will have at least 3-5 years of successful trading or investing experience.

3. Everyone in the class will be required to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). 

Due to the fact that this knowledge is not in the public domain, everyone will be required to sign a non-disclosure before being allowed in the course. This is to better assure that the concepts and the historical edges you’ll learn do not get spread throughout the internet.

The – The Next Great Forefront Of Trading and Investing course will run 4 weeks plus a bonus week. 

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