Trading Market Internals Course

Reduce drawdowns, adapt to changing market conditions and dramatically increase trading performance using these powerful Internals techniques. Are you looking for a proven solution to lower drawdowns and significantly improve the performance of your trading strategies fast?

Don't let drawdowns destroy your trading account... ...get them under control with this powerful, easy-to-implement solution

Enrollment closes in: Here’s what happened to me… Hi, my name is Andrew Swanscott.

I’m the host of the Better System Trader podcast and I've been trading for more than 10 years.

Trading is a really tough business

But we’ve all heard the rumours that this number could be much higher... 90% or more.

As traders, we face a lot of challenges, including changing market conditions, poor performing strategies and even strategies that just fall apart and stop working.

But one of the biggest issues we face as traders is drawdown.

I learnt a very tough lesson about drawdown back in 2008.

I was trading Mean Reversion strategies on the Australian and US stock markets, with leverage and doing pretty well.

I had figured the markets out and was dreaming of all the money I would make, retiring at 30 to travel the world.

I’m sure we can all see where this is heading…!

Fast forward a few months and I had lost a huge portion of my trading capital. In fact, the drawdown was so large I could barely trade anymore.

I stopped trading

The pain…



…and embarrassment…

…it was too much to accept.

Drawdown destroyed my trading account.

But over time I started to fully understand the impacts drawdown can have.

Not just on your trading account but also psychologically.

It was an expensive lesson, but for me, a necessary one.

I now consider myself lucky because I managed to make my way back to trading.

Many don't. Drawdowns can seriously kill your trading... I wasn’t prepared for this… Are you?

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