– Strategic Swing Trader Course by Sami Abusaad

  • 5+ hours of video training in Sami's 7 easy to learn swing trade strategies
  • 199-page swing trading course guide
  • Learn all of Sami's top secret swing trade techniques, including the legendary 'Earnings Play'
  • Create income and generate wealth with this one-of-a-kind methodology
  • Finally take control of your swing trading, and start growing your account

A Lifestyle-Friendly Trading Methodology

Sami designed this swing trading strategy around his lifestyle.

Since he’s also a day trader, he has minimal time for swing trade scanning and charting during market hours.

So he does virtually all his swing trade scanning and chart work before or after the close. You’re not constrained by your work or family obligations.

If you can set aside a minimal amount of time in the morning or evening, Strategic Swing Trader can work great for you!!

You’ll even understand how to find a personal stock trading universe and risk management strategy.

You can simply set your trades and forget them -- no need to sit at your desk staring at screens all day (unless you really want to, of course)

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