Unleashed Online Course

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FREE Bonus #1: 'Top 5 tips for choosing a broker' instructional video (47 USD value)

In the “ Unleashed" course you'll discover one of the most popular brokers used by professional traders.

In this bonus video, you’ll hear the Top 5 tips for choosing a broker. PLUS how you can get some exclusive benefits by joining the broker we discuss in the video.

FREE Bonus #2: 'Breakout Trading Strategies Quick Start Kit'. Plus 2 example breakout strategies with EasyLanguage code (497 USD value)

Breakout strategies are one of the most popular trading approaches ever.

So, grab this next bonus while it is still available. Discover how to get started with breakout strategies fast! Plus, get walkthrough videos of 2 real-life breakout strategies. And a video on the 'Top 10 powerful tips to start with breakout trading strategies' today!

So, let´s sum it up:

  • Introduction to breakout strategies (video)
  • Practical walkthrough on 2 real-life breakout strategies (videos)
  • 2 breakout strategies (including codes)
  • 10 powerful tips to start with breakout trading strategies

FREE Bonus #3: 'Building Robust Trading Strategies' short course (297 USD value)

After you discover how to build a successful trading business, you'll also need tips to build trading strategies that work.

In this bonus you'll uncover 7 great lessons to building trading strategies, including:

  • Lesson 1: System Premise. Does a trading strategy have to make logical sense to work in the future?
  • Lesson 2: Sample size. Is a large sample size a guarantee of robustness? How many trades do we actually need in a backtest?
  • Lesson 3: Degrees of freedom. How does the number of parameters in a strategy impact robustness? What are the dangers we need to watch out for?
  • Lesson 4: Optimization. This is a huge topic. There are a number of pitfalls to consider, we cover loads of optimization tips right here.
  • Lesson 5: Data use. There are lots of different opinions on how we should use historical data in testing. Listen to the pros and cons of each and decide for yourself.
  • Lesson 6: Walk Forward Analysis. Some extra info on Walk Forward Analysis, including a guest appearance from Bob Pardo!
  • Lesson 7: Monte Carlo Analysis. A deep-dive on Monte Carlo Analysis, including a number of ways you can use it in your own trading.

FREE Bonus #4: 'A step by step guide to selecting and setting up a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for reliable Algorithmic trading' (197 USD value)

Once you've finished the Unleashed course, you’ll understand the risks of trading from your home computer.

A Virtual Private Server could be just what you need, but knowing where to get one and how to set it up for trading can be confusing.

Here's what you'll discover in this course:

  • Module 1: Selection - How to choose the right VPS for you 
    • What is a VPS and why do you need one?
    • Choosing a VPS that is right for you
    • Trading software requirements
    • Operating System requirements
  • Module 2: Setup - How to configure your VPS for optimal trading operation
    • Connecting to your VPS
    • Uploading files
    • Automatic updates
    • Fast VPS connections
  • Module 3: Maintenance - How to keep your VPS running smoothly
    • Antivirus software
    • Windows updates
    • Monitoring/health checks
    • Backups

FREE Bonus #5: 'The Beginner's guide to the Futures markets' course (27 USD value)

The Futures and emini markets offer some amazing trading opportunities for traders.

If you don’t have any previous experience with the Futures markets, this bonus course will guide you. It contains everything you need to know, from A to Z, to understand and start trading the Futures markets.

If you trade other markets, this course will give you the opportunity to expand your trading. Take advantage of the dynamic moves of Futures markets. Get more diversified. Give yourself more trading opportunities.

Yes, that’s over $1,000 USD value in bonuses for FREE when you complete the course!

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