- The $100 Startup

Do you want to

  • wake up early or sleep in?
  • go out to breakfast or hunker down with a cup of coffee?
  • sit at home and enjoy a book or go on a hike?
  • sit around the dinner table with your family or take them out to their favorite hangout?

You see, life isn’t about cars and vacations and your stock portfolio. Those things are nice but life is about living.
Don’t you want to spend more of your life living?
Amazon is the vehicle that can take you there.

Can You Really Start with only $100?

Here is the reality: There is simply more money in telling you that you need $10,000 to start an Amazon business.
Because then they can sell you a course that costs $5,000. We subconsciously determine that with a high cost there must be inherent value.
Not true. The reality is that it isn’t “sexy” to tell someone they can start for $100. This is because you can’t sell them a course for $5,000 that says they can start for $100.
We assume the value isn’t there.

But I’m here to tell you this is 100% possible.

There are products that are ALREADY PROVEN SELLERS you can begin with for only $100.
In this course, you will see the exact process used to find products, source them and SELL them on Amazon.
Since 2014 I have been private labeling and selling products on Amazon.

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