- The Forex Workshop 14 CDs
Proven Methods For Generating Consistent Profits in Forex Trading!

Results are now publicly documented by students

You will learn powerful and fascinating methods of staying on the right side of the market that even commercial traders overlook. In the first two hours of this course you will separate yourself from the 90- 95% of traders who lose more than they win. From there, you will see the method unfold that will enable you to continually harvest massive profits from the Forex market.

When I see so many people with powerful dreams and desires for their lives looking to the Forex market I really feel for them.

I remember when I first started investigating Forex trading and started to get an understanding of what it can do, I could hardly sleep at night because of all the wheels that kept turning in my mind. I kept asking the people I knew who were already involved in Forex trading, "You mean I can now live anywhere in the world or travel as long as I have a laptop and wireless internet?" Yes! "You mean I can start with a very small amount of money and within a year be making more money than I could have after 5 years of real estate investing? Yes! The more I thought about it the more excited I got.

Once I got started learning to trade, however, I started to see that it just wasn't as easy as what the brokers and training salesmen tried to make it out to be. In fact, after visiting some of the forex forums out there and listening to all the negative discussion I began to wonder if anyone really made money in the trading world. I watched many people join various training programs, get discouraged and eventually give up. Fortunately I knew that success was possible and continued to work on my trading while studying every training program I could find. I started to meet people personally who were credible ordinary people who had gotten through the struggling period and actually multiplied their accounts just like the trading plan formulas show. Rather than put 100% faith in a particular program I gathered information from every source I could. During this time I was priveleged to have a series of breakthroughs and insights some of which most traders never see. While others would follow a particular trading program like a religion then give it up and "convert" to another guru's system, I continued to take the best of all that I found and put it all together in the testing ground of my own experience.

After a couple of years I was still trading and finally started to see the results I was looking for. The potential results in Forex trading are so amazing and exciting that once you experience it there is nothing else that compares. The first thing I did was quit my previous business and move to Santa Fe to enjoy the sunny climate, artistic community, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and surrounding desert. Next year I may move to Aspen or to Fiji or Switzerland. Now I am only doing what is most fulfilling in my life. I can finally live by T Harv Eker's wealth statement, "I work because I choose to, not because I have to." There are many things I love being involved in and I don't do them for money because the money department is taken care of.

When some of my associates started asking me to show them how I trade the thought of being involved in training kind of defeated my purpose for trading. I really don't want another job and training is a job. Plus, I never really cared much for "public speaking" if you know what I mean. Well, after some coaxing I realized that with today's web conferencing technology I can show people exactly what I am doing while sitting in my adobe courtyard watching another incredible Santa Fe sunset. Or from the alpine European style lodge where I vacation in Aspen. Plus I do enjoy helping others succeed and that fits in well with my chosen mission in life. So, here we go!

Hello Scott, I just wanted to drop you a note and say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! for sharing your trading method. I have been trading for a while and while taking many seminars and buying many courses, I have been always looking for the "Holy Grail". I believe that in your Shubert Accuracy Method I have found it. I opened a demo account with 50.000 and I am now up 20.000 in one week from the EUR\USD, and the USD\JPY trades. There is so much that I love about this course, the success training, the many different ways of looking at the markets, your positive outlook. I look forward to many sleepless nights as I go over these cd's and master all that you have to teach. Thank you for filling my life with hope and excitement!! Have a great day!! Duane Melton

"I'm having alot of fun back testing the currency pairs and here are some of the results I've gotten using... I was very conservative and the true results are probably better but I gave the benefit of the doubt to the losses. January 11th to June 7th. GBP/JPY +2217 pips January 8th to June 7th EUR/JPY  +1072 pips January 12th to June 7th AUD/JPY  +1208 pips January 8th to June 7th AUD/USD  +806 pips December 15th to June 7th EUR/AUD  +1453 pips Total pips made from the 5 currency pairs +6756 for about 6 months time. I didn't count spreads, so a little less. SO EASY A CAVE MAN CAN DO IT!!!!!"

Alan Scott

"I am writing first of all to thank you for the training course. I am only halfway through the DVD's but I can see already that I am going to be profitable using your methods. The training on... alone is worth the price of the course. I also appreciate the attitude that comes through in your voice: steady, wry, humorous, skeptical, and always independent minded. You are obviously so NOT a herd thinker. The lack of hype, frenzy, or urgent emotional arousal in your presentation is a great lesson for those ready and able to take it in. I know that I will be a better trader for having learned that as well. Again, thank you for the excellent training and general human wisdom.  Having reached the end of my willingness to spend my time pursuing a frustrating career that I no longer enjoy, I see the beginning of a new career that I can embrace with passion, enthusiasm and joy.

What a gift!"

Darell Shaffer

"Congratulations Scott....somehow you manage to sponsor webinars that get better every time! The lessons from last night's webinar were excellent. I like your format of 'teaching' the Shubert Accuracy Method in the first part of the webinar and then opening the meeting up for 'personal experiences'. The sharing of opinions and techniques - like the exchange that included Bob and PJ - is invaluable to a relative beginner like me… Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for providing educational leadership to those of us that need it."

Rob McGregor

Dude you rock!!! Hi Scott - I'm really starting to understand everything now.  I sent you an email that I did my 1st Shubert trade(I hope you received it) and it was a total success but I closed with only 46 pips because I wanted to see how it played out and I wasn't sure about how the jpy's news would play out - but it was still a success.

Brent Stanley

I just want to say your's is by far the best thing I've ever bought for a tool for trading forex successfully... This does definitely help for a more accurate trade. It's a very logical system. I'm having a blast and I have the potential to turn it to financial independence as well. I can see how this could work with the majority of trades making money. Thanks again!!!!!! Alan

"I suspect that you hear this often, but I cannot express my grattitude enough for this important work you are doing. I was able to view the charts, and listen for the first time in this new format. Each of your webinars offer fresh insights and continued encouragement for novice like myself to maintain the pursuit and the dream...Thank you,"

Stephen Tillett

Thank you Scott,... I must say so far my results have been absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!...I listened to it 6 times already!!!!!!!!! Already, I've never had so many trades " working out" of all the crazy softwares and systems I've used. This is cool and it really works and is so SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Alan

"I just want to say your efforts are very much appreciated. I had been struggling for 1 1/2  years with 4xmade easy.  I made money then lost money... basically  broke even on my trading. They are always calling me wanting to sign me up for more high dollar training....I ordered your video course. I must say so far it has been money well spent. I truly learn and enjoy your method of presentation. Your whole positive outlook on life is wonderful.

I just get the feeling that you are not out to just rip us off and are just looking for the next person to sell your course to. The course price was extremely reasonable.

I am really busy at my main job right now so the time I get varies each week on learning forex... But 2 weeks ago I had time to trade and look at charts like your training instructed us to do and I made 700 dollars on a demo account in a week. So I have to say I believe your method works....Your course has finally made a major turning point in my Forex trading.

I admire people who are willing to take the time to teach others ways to be successfull even though I know they do not need to do so from a financial standpoint. Once again thanks.

I will recommend you and all your training whenever I can.


Mike Varner

"These are among the best instructional videos I've seen....you've done a great job and I'm enjoying learning about Forex."

Mike Dickerson

"Getting your training program was such a blessing to me.  I have taken to heart what you said about thinking about what you are going to do with the rest of your time (after years spent watching the computer monitor all the time – yuk!).  I think what caught my attention the most with your website was the fact that you actually believed Napoleon Hill.  I’ve studied him alone and with my friends (my mastermind group).  I had never heard of another trader actually thinking this way.

Then I watched the CD on “Organic Breath” and I knew that I had gotten the right training program.  I have believed for years that the market is “alive.”  Everyone that I have told (except my mastermind group) thought I was crazy and looked at me as though I had three eyes.  I am so grateful for what you have put together, so very grateful!"


"Scott, I have just completed the last CD. What a breath of fresh air I feel. I have spent several thousands of dollars on other software programs. To be honest without any success.  I have definitely learned more from yours than any of the rest.  I’m really excited and feeling confident that I can make it work.  I would like to get involed in any of your weekly or whatever learning experiences that will help me really learn your system.  I will become financially independent by using your teachings. Thanks again and advise me what the next step should be. Thanks,"

Art Pepple

"I just had to let you know that your "...." method is astounding.

You have converted me from a wannabe cut n' run, 10-minute trader ('cos that's what we're all led to believe the Forex is all about!) into a calmer, more confident position trader with a mission and a level of interpretive skills that make all the sense in the world.

I am a very visual person. I now see what I need to see and what I hoped I would see when I looked at my first chart.... I've already turned my demo trading from hit n' miss +2pip gambling into a full 100pips in two days."

Trevor Gilchrist

"The best $400 I believe I've ever spent! Just started your course - and, it's exactly what I needed when I needed it.  Great course!"

Dave Osborn

"Thanks so much for your invaluable effort and sincerity to condense the essence of trading techniques to us. I have truly benefitted a lot from this 3-day webinar. Though I have some trading experience on forex before, I find the knowledge shared by you extremely essential and I think I will now put them together to execute trades even more confidently. You have also make the study of Elliot waves, which seem pretty complicated to me before, easy to use. Honestly, I feel that everything you shared on the first day fits exactly with my personal experience. That's where I decide to follow your few trading plans and hope to retire early like you!" - Joyce Lam, Singapore

"just a quick note to let ya know what greatness the CDs are that I received last week from Scott. I've only gone thru them once, taking lots of notes and hitting 'pause' a million times. I'm beginning to review discs 7 & 8, 'The Shubert Method' again, and am convinced this is The Bomb of all big bomb trading styles. I can't thank you enough for giving me the tip-off about Scott.

I began live trading last Thursday, with just single std. lot entries. At the moment, I'm up apx 1,500 euros. There are opportunities I've missed, which is why I'll be listening to the CDs several times."

Tommy from Dallas

PIPS Don't Lie! What is So Unique About This Method and Why do the People Using it Have Such Dramatic Results?

It will take at least 3 days to explain the answer to this question and if you are brand new to trading there is a little homework required which you can start in our Free Lessons and in the forums. For now, I will say that synchronicity is about being in the right place at the right time and enjoying having the forces of the universe work in harmony with you. When you make the right trading decision you are taking the right action at the right time. And you are allowing the natural forces of the market to work in harmony for your profit.This Method is also about expanding your vision to enable you to see the messages the market is showing you that you may not have previously been aware of.

The first thing I will show you is some of the basics. I have found that many traders have gone through some Forex training program and started trading from charts with stacks of indicators and just don't know the time tested fundamentals of trading. So bear with me if you think you already know this. By "fundamentals" I don't mean the useless introductory "filler" that most courses cover. I'm talking about the critical foundation that often gets overlooked by traders.

This workshop is NOT an introduction to Forex trading. It is a comprehensive training course and interactive video seminar that takes you all the way to mastery of the art of trading.

This is the complete 14 disc Forex training program that has enabled many Forex traders to finally achieve real results after other courses failed.

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