Sang Lucci – Master (2021)

The last trading course you'll ever need to take.
You will learn: Professional Equities and Options Trading

Utilize tactics for all market conditions, time horizons, and income goals. Learn advanced methods for risk management, equities and options combo plays, and specific strategies focusing on elements like vol and time decay.

Flow Trading

Transform "Wiseguy Activity" into your source of Alpha. 
Ride the momentum created by institutions instead of getting crushed by it!

Tape Reading

Integrate the most advanced form of momentum analysis into your trading. Find confirmation not just on what to trade, but also HOW and WHEN to trade it.

Trading Psychology

Master the most difficult part of trading: controlling your own mind. Understand yourself as a trader and how to overcome the challenges unique to your personality, risk appetite, account size, and experience.

Master Bonus

Lucci's Options Writing Strategy

Writing options open up enormous opportunities to generate passive income and put on smart trades in choppy market environments. It can also involve a high degree of risk and leads to the downfall of many an amateur trader.

That's why Lucci has dedicated an entire portion of the SLMC to one of the most valuable skill sets in his trading arsenal.
You will learn:

  • How to sell cheap call/put spreads for premium gains and a high likelihood that the strikes will not hit by expiration.
  • Why betting on where a stock will NOT go is much easier than betting on where a stock WILL go.
  • How to avoid the complicated issues of timing related to options that hinder most traders.

Lucci's options writing strategy is one of the primary reasons he has become a seven-figure trader. Learn exactly what he does from the man who does it.

Trading the Post with Ron Friedman

In three additional evening classes, Ron “Ronchero” Friedman teaches you different applications of the principles and tactics you learn from Lucci.

Ron leverages his nearly 30 years of trading experience to show you how to:

  • Develop patience and let the trade come to you
  • Apply concrete position-management rules so that you don’t overextend yourself
  • Put on short-term trades to manage risk around long-term options positions
  • Customize what you’ve learned in the SLMC to the amount of time you can commit to trading

Many of our students consider Ron’s the Post classes to be some of the most powerful in the entire SLMC!

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