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A step by step, in depth book, on how to make money trading with Wave59, with specific plans for the S&P e-mini, US Bonds, Gold, Wheat, GE, and 3M. Also includes a chapter on how to profitably trade with any entry system (even flipping a coin) by using money management and a proprietary stops system, demonstrated with real time DOW charts.

The book was written with all traders and would be traders in mind. From beginners to seasoned professionals the content is blended in an easy to read format. The book is geared toward new traders, traders who haven’t become profitable yet or traders in a slump and needing to change something. Included are sets of simple step by step methods showing how to trade and make money.

After you are able to make money, then you can play in the market and have fun, but without a profitable trading system, exploring the vastness of what the market offers just becomes stress and frustration (not to mention very costly).

For the intermediate and advanced trader there are new ideas and possibilities presented that could enhance or move one into a whole new direction of trading. Trading is an individual activity, and as emphasized in the book, one must look within as well as out. Several chapters are devoted to seeing the whole game of trading and how to become a balanced trader in sync with the market you trade. If you are built to win at chess why are you riding bulls for a living, or if you love to swim with the dolphins why do you sit in an office with no windows? Trading can be the most profitable and enjoyable experience if you are doing what you are built to do with a market that fits your style and energy. It is worth learning the game, you can win that way!

Here is a brief synopsis for each chapter:

Chapter 1 In the Beginning

Prepare the ground to start trading Without the right beginning we can’t have the end we want Establishes where we are, where we want to go and what we want when we get there Getting eaten by a tiger or a trade or ones own mind

Chapter 2 Forecasting vs. Trading

Where does forecasting fit in trading Another way to see forecasting that works Why forecasts are off How to blend trading and forecasting in the trader

Chapter 3 Trading as a Business

How to move from “just trading” to trading as a business Why most start up traders and business’ fail Why trading is a much harder game than gambling A specific business model (step by step) to pattern your trading business after

Chapter 4 Money

It’s the thing we are trading for; do we know what it is? How compatible is our personality and money – is it working? Money in money out; seeing beneath the surface Build the plan it will come

Chapter 5 Wealth Accumulation

It’s yours, how much is the only question. What takes us off the path, what keeps us on it? Specific accumulation examples Find where you limit yourself

Chapter 6 Winning and Losing – Classical Systems

An in-depth look at classical systems of winning Little used secrets of historical systems for winning Three in-depth examples of winning systems Can the professional gamblers trade?

Chapter 7 Money Management

Money management- how money is made trading How Much? – how many shares or contracts? Emotional bias – a closed mind managing money Let money work for us, not us for it

Chapter 8 Fear

The “one” thing fear is… When I can’t pull the trigger What happens? What to do

Chapter 9 Finding My Market

What W.D. Gann found… Matching natal energy Paying attention to the signs Transparent energy – revealing our inherent connections to certain markets

Chapter 10 Trading Systems and Plans

What are trading systems and trading plans? How risk aversion affects profitability What the majority believe and why they will be wrong in the market How to know our system is the right one

Chapter 11 The Anatomy of a Trade

A detailed example of trading the stock – GE In-depth, step by step, analysis of trading this stock over a period of time Charts and specific settings made easy to follow, understand and use Projected profitability

Chapter 12 Trading Plans and Settings

Specific trading plans & settings for several markets, with multiple time frames Mirror Image Foldback in detail for US Bonds Gold Futures trading system step by step w/settings and charts E-mini S&P trading system

Chapter 13 Beyond the Bars

Very detailed analysis of 3M the stock (MMM) and how it can be traded. What is beyond the visible bars? Adding tools to analysis that work! Stocks- balanced markets easily seen

Chapter 14 Flipping a Coin, the Heads and Tails of It

How to effectively use Stops in trading Entering a market randomly and trading it for profit Specific example of trading the DOW futures with this system (step by step)

Addendum A Alternate Trade Systems (e-mini S&P, Gold Futures.)

Additional (step by step) examples of profitably trading e-mini S&P and Gold Futures Harmonic levels for further profit

Addendum B Alternate Combined Trade System/Stop System

Specific step by step example of trading Wheat Futures profitably Seeing at first glance if it works or not Knowing how to trust your system

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