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The core focus of this course is on the Picture Perfect Pattern, a pattern as close to Perfect as you will ever find in the marketplace, but there is much much more to this course.

Picture is the third seminar in our LWU series… Another complete seminar that comes to you over the internet, including a live on-line seminar with Larry. The core focus of this course is on the Picture Perfect Pattern, a trading pattern as close to perfect as you will ever find in the marketplace, but there is much much more to this course. We will get to that shortly, but let’s start with the heart of it all…

Let me start by being very blunt. I believe there are patterns in the marketplace that do predict future market performance. Picture Perfect Patterns are extremely difficult to find, but once identify them, they can be extremely profitable. That’s what this new seminar is all about… my Picture-Perfect Pattern which is a specific combination of price activity and insider buying. This pattern has been kept between myself and just a handful of people for the last few years… now it can be yours.

A Word of Caution: if you’re a day trader or want trades that last just a couple of days, this seminar is NOT for you. This seminar, the idea of Picture-Perfect Trades, is for the trader/investor looking for positions that should last for weeks not days or a few hours. Short-term traders should close your browser right now, really.

For those of you that are still with me… I will teach you the best pattern, the most certain trading opportunity, that I have found in my 45 years of trading and researching markets. I simply haven’t ever seen anything better. This entire idea goes back to 1973 when my mentor Bill Meehan, casually mentioned a relationship between price and the Commercials activity in the marketplace. As you know, Commercials are the users and producers of commodities, they are truly the insiders. But there are a couple problems… Frequently the Commercials are way too early and a Commercial reporting requirement for the stock market does not exist. Well, I had to solve this problem. This is something I wrestled with for more than 30 years. Now I know when the best Commercial buy and sell signals are. No doubt about it. Absolutely none, and I can show it to you, prove it to you, in a heartbeat. But that simply wasn’t enough. I had to figure out how to use this information for the stock market. My solution? I created a synthetic COT Proxy Index that mirrors the actual Commercial trading… In fact, the few people who I have shown this to think the COT Proxy Index is better than the actual COT index! You can judge for yourself in the next few minutes…

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