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Order now to receive the very same “deep-research” tricks I use to tap into the psyche of my customers so I can frame my products and services as the answer to all their prayers! With more than 2.5 hours of video demonstration, this material would cost well over $725 on a private call. Just check the box and grab this bonus for a mere $87. Feel free to read below for more info…

I’ve received A LOT of questions about the Agora Research Process…

And for good reason.

The best marketers in the world know they are only as good as their research process.

To make more sales you don’t have to be clever… I’m not.

You don’t have to be the most creative person in the world… I’m not.

And you don’t need years of one-on-one training to put together a decent offer.

In fact, my earliest, simplest, sales letters at Agora still run today…

Over a year after I wrote them!

And they still make me money… Every. Single. Day.

Whether I’m working…

Or spend the entire day playing Xbox.

Much of the work can be traced to a few google searches to figure out what is important to my customer’s emotional brain.

To speak to your customer’s emotional brains, you must know what they want.
Proper Research Puts Your and Sales on OVERDRIVE
Think of your marketing strategy as building a house…

Proper research notes are the raw materials…

The plywood, 2×4’s, shingles etc…

And the tools you find inside Take Their Money to let you fashion the raw materials into attractive walls, floors, and ceilings.

Put research and the secret sales language together and PRESTO!


It really is that simple.

So to help you out, if you’re interested…

I’ve put together a 5-module video walk-through where I show you step-by-step how I personally perform market research for a sales letter at Agora Financial!

  • Learn how to hack your customer’s brains and stir their deepest desires…
  • And then perfectly match those desires with your guru, brand, and product!
  • PLUS… I’ll also outline an easy, direct, 4-step process to finding your BIG IDEA!

Take Me Up On This Offer If You Want My Guide, Take Their Money… AND A 5-Module Walk-Through of My Entire Research Process!

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