Justin Cener - On For + Templates

Class 1: Intro To Print On Demand

You’ll learn exactly how to take advantage of the + on business opportunity. This class summarizes the overall strategy and gives you the details and step-by-step to get started immediately.

Class 2: Setting Up Your Store

This is where we go over the shoulder and, step-by-step, you get your store setup! You’ll learn every detail and have full confidence to build a trustworthy, fully branded store that will convert at the highest possible level. No technical skill required at all.

Class 3: Integrating On + Etsy

Now that you have your Store, it’s time to bring in the power of print on demand. Step by step, over the shoulder, you’ll learn how to integrate on into your Store. At the end of this lesson, you’ll have your first product live in your store.

Class 4: Design & Product Research

With on Demand, it’s all about having a highly desirable product, and when it comes to on Demand, that product is based on a design. You’ll learn how to do winning design and product research to start making sales on day one.

Class 5: Getting Designs & Working With Designers

Researching designs is just one part of the overall product research and development cycle. You’ll learn how to get the right type of designs, how to work with designers, where to find them, and most importantly, what to ask from them to receive a great design.

Class 6: Keyword Research, Tagging, & Optimization

There are 40,000,000+ buyers that browse looking for the perfect product. This lesson teaches you how to optimize your listing to make sure you are seen by as many of these buyers as possible – all without any advertising costs!

Class 7: Capitalizing On Trends

Trends are huge on and you’ll learn exactly how to make money off things that are viral in this lesson. Being able to move fast is the key and this class goes step-by-step through the process of discovering trends and then getting them in your store immediately.

Class 8: Promoted Listings

Learn all about the different ways to do Promoted Listings. This lesson will look in-depth at the different promotional strategies that offers inside of your own store account. You’ll see over the shoulder how to set everything up properly.

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