– Write More Personality-er Workshop

An Utterly Loveable Workshop For Copywriters Who Wish Their Writing Was A Little Less Ross And A Lot More Joey

Discover 81 ways to add punch, power & pop to your everyday writing (so it attracts more people, sells more stuff, and finally sounds as wonderous as you want)

Y’know how sometimes you sit at your laptop….

Smash out some OK’ish copy, but…

You know you could do better?

And then you spiral down that editing rabbit hole, only to make 93,457 revisions, shuffle around the commas, and still not love what you came up with?!


Writing copy can sometimes be a chore. 

And it leaves you scratching your head and wondering…

“How the heck do I even fix this heckin’ thing? Why doesn’t it sound like I want it to? Is this draft even salvageable or should I just hang up my keyboard and get a job as a barista? or a bubble gum viscosity tester? Or maybe as the guy who puts stickers on fruit?”

Happens to all of us, my friend.

And no, you shouldn’t.

What you should do is, understand why this is happening. 

Because this isn’t a “you” problem. It’s a “they” problem. And “they” is Mrs. Wilson. (Pronouns are hard.)

See, Mrs. Wilson was your fifth-grade English teacher.

OK, maybe your teacher wasn’t named Mrs. Wilson, but she/he/xe/they were definitely one of the people who programmed you to believe writing is supposed to be formal.

Now, grab your flux capacitor, and let’s travel back to that time you had to write a book report on Old Yeller

Not only were you definitely not allowed to write as you speak, but…

You ALSO had to follow a strict format…

And if you somehow got your own opinions WRONG?

Or was it written in this wonky one-line paragraph style I’m using now?

You’d get marked down from an A to a big fat C+, emblazoned brightly on your paper in blood-red ink for all the world to see.

Ouch, Mrs. Wilson!

That stuff sticks with you.

(That and the fact that we had to study books about dead pets. Who thought that was a good idea?!)

Nobody ever taught you how to write fun!

And now, when you try it, the copy sounds forced.

You get stiff.

Your words get stiffer.

Your creativity gets even stiffer.

So all ya do is revert back to that old stodgy style you know.

That same style everybody else is using.

The style that got you an A in grade school, yet now only earns a C+ on the internet.

But guess what?

You can be different.

You don’t have to write for Mrs. Wilson anymore.

You can find a way to take all those structures you already know and add YOU into it.

We’re gonna give you BACK your personality, your gift, your gab, your fun, your joie de vivre, your crudités, your *insert something French*.

New Workshop. Who dis?

There are 27 people in the U.S. named , but I’m the one who matters right now.


I’m the guy who wrote 100 headlines every day for 100 days during The Headline Project. I’m also the guy who writes Brand Ventriloquist® voice guides for A-List clients like, Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Danny Iny, Melyssa Griffin, Todd Herman, Ashlyn Carter, Belinda Weaver, Bobby Klinck, and dozens of others. 

(I can drop more names but then I just have to pick ’em up and my back hurts.)

I’ve personally created killer copy for more than 429 people (and counting).

Along this ridiculous journey, I picked a quirk or three… and possibly schizophrenia. Yet, I also discovered some amazing writing techniques.

And I watched how others stood out by either breaking or finding loopholes in traditional grammar rules.

As a card-carrying word nerd, I’ve read damn near everything there is about persuasion, conversion, comedy, and creativity. And when I see or hear a funny line, I don’t just laugh or blow air hard through my nose holes at it… I break down WHY it was funny. Then I analyze the style and stash it in my brain for later use. And I find new things to add almost every day.

I go deeper on this shizz than anyone ever should.

Because of this nasty little habit, I found the logic and patterns hiding behind techniques that make words compelling.

This workshop is all those delectable and super juicy bits, rolled into a smorgasbord of well-researched, tested, and proven writerly shenanigans. 

This may sound super nerdy and strange (and it is) but this sciencey approach is the source of my superpower.

Popeye had spinach. I have them dashes.

Wait, what’s actually inside, man?

When you join Write More Personality-er, you get 81 tips to add punch, power, and pop to your everyday writing, including:

  • Writing Basics: Fun punctuation, unforgettable rules, and freaky facts about layout
  • Pop-py Seeds: Sprinkle these techniques onto your copy to make it pop like grandma’s knees
  • Power Moves: Weird ways to make your readers take action (Science!)
  • Punch-ups: Over-the-shoulder edits that take your words from blah to booyah
  • Checklists & Transition Lines: Print these out for one last look before you publish

…Plus an insult generator, real-time edits, and permission to let go of some long-held writing beliefs implanted by that pesky 5th-grade English teacher.

It’s a super enjoyable two hours of video broken down into 16 bite-sized chunks you can zip through in a GIF jiff and apply to your work immediately.

…Then pepper in the 7.5 hours (!) of clearly marked bonus videos featuring interviews and over-the-shoulder editing of:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Sales pages
  • Opt-in forms
  • Facebook ads
  • Product descriptions
  • Landing pages
  • Offers

…And comic structure breakdowns you can watch at your own pace.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… (← sorry. as a copywriter, I’m required to say that on every page)

This isn’t just a hit-it-and-quit-it thing.

You’ll also have the option to grab celebrity guest interviews & get access to all future content too.

And much more...

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