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The InfoCast Network Initiative

As your guide who’s going to be teaching you the ins and outs of making money through InfoCasts, I’m faced with quite a dilemma.

There are 2 types of people who want to be successful with InfoCasts:

  1. The Marketer who wants to learn how to create and sell InfoCasts as a service 
  2. The Expert who needs an InfoCast to promote their own products and services

In reality, those are at least 2 completely different programs and outcomes. 

But rather than create them and sell them as separate stand-alone programs…

As part of the InfoCast Network Initiative, I’m going to help all three of these types of people under one umbrella so it can be a “choose your own adventure” approach.

This way you can pick and choose what’s relevant to your situation and apply it as you go. 

Here’s what can happen when we build and curate a COLLABORATIVE NETWORK of Offer Owners, Experts, and InfoCast Hosts that support each other with guest features, promotion, and content:

  • Offer Owners have multiple opportunities to dial in their messaging and get immediate feedback…
  • InfoCast Hosts have an abundance of high-quality guests to interview and feature. And…
  • The group benefits from seeing the top InfoCast examples, interview techniques, and styles…

Do you think it’d be helpful if you were able to participate in that kind of win-win-win group where everyone wins?


The InfoCast Network Initiative teaches you the ins and outs of monetizing InfoCasts so everyone can learn and grow.

Plus, it aligns guests and hosts together to collaborate in the mission of helping all members succeed.

Make sense?

Here are the 3 Pillars of how the InfoCast Network Initiative works:

Pillar 1: The Core Training

The foundations of making money with InfoCasts are broken down into 2 monetization categories:

Monetization Method 1: How to get paid to create InfoCasts for other experts – even if you don’t have an official podcast 

Monetization Method 2: How to launch your own show for your own brand and monetize it.

Each Monetization Method will have its own core nuances. But here are just some of the content we’ll be covering inside:

  1. Do I launch a solo show? Or an interview-style show?
  2. What are my goals for the show?
  3. How do I come up with content?
  4. Is it geared toward getting listeners or getting clients?
  5. What is the business model for this and is it right for me?
  6. How do I plan my interviews?
  7. What questions do I ask my guest?
  8. How do I conduct and engage with the guest to make the content engaging?
  9. Do we script anything?
  10. How do we transition to a pitch? 
  11. What types of calls to action do we use?
  12. What can I do with this content once it goes live?
  13. Pitfalls to avoid so you aren’t wasting your time
  14. How to capitalize on critical features and repurpose the content to convert your hot leads
  15. How to drive traffic and exposure to this? 
  16. Are there funnels? What do they look like?
  17. Do we accept show sponsorships?
  18. The sample shows to model

There’s a lot more, but I promise you: no stone will be left unturned. All of your questions will be answered. 

Next, we focus on the people inside our community which brings us to: 

Pillar 2: The Network

“A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats” – John F. Kennedy

When an entire industry performs well, everyone who participates in it benefits. 

That’s why we are pooling together InfoCast Hosts, Experts, and Marketers in one collaborative community. 

Learn all of the monetization models that are available with InfoCasting.

Connect with other Network members to help you land guests, get featured, or improve your skills. 

Produce high-quality content.

Watch your business grow.

And have fun 

That’s the end goal. 

Pillar 3: Guest Experts

I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, and I never want you to think this initiative is all about me.

It’s all about YOU!

I’m connected to some of the most brilliant people in the industry who have expertise in areas that I don’t.

And, I can promise you that I’ve already got some excellent guests lined up to speak to our InfoCast Network

Such as:

  • One of my friends, Chad, who’s launched 20 InfoCasts. He does this as a service, and he’s offered to share his results, what’s worked, and examples of his work.
  • Another friend and colleague, Aleric, drive YouTube traffic to these InfoCasts to generate applications for his high-ticket coaching programs. 
  • Alan, a messaging genius, has taught advanced messaging and offers creation magic to help you make your InfoCasts perform at their absolute peak potential. 

Those guests have already submitted their training to the member’s area. So that’s available now.

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