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Joe has been sharing his trading knowledge on the Maximum Lots site since 2013, impacting thousands over the years. This course brings together a wealth of knowledge having been active in the markets for a very long time.

The Best Course for Trading the Forex Markets

Learn to be able to trade forex markets… even if you're struggling right now!

This course will help you stop consistently losing so that you can become a profitable trader
You've probably been trading for a while and know a lot about the markets but for some reason you still aren't consistently profitable. You know how to analyse the markets and spot trades but losses outweigh the wins.

When you look back you can see why the trades were losers and promise you won't make the same mistakes again but you do over and over.

This an be a downward spiral that gets out of control and it can be devastating knowing what to do but being unable to do it.

It's terrible because you are so close and you don't want to give up, because if you can get this right. Your life will change forever.

It may be a lack of knowledge that is preventing you from taking your trading to the next level. You pick the right direction but get stopped out before the move. You enter a profitable trade but exit way to early. You cut your wins short and let your losers run.

Whatever your trading issue might be, there is a solution, and it's probably waiting for you inside this course.

Stop the pain, and start profiting today.

Here's what's inside

Module 1: What is Forex?

This module provides a breakdown of the forex markets, who is involved and what its purpose is. It's essential to know who you're up against in this trading world as that will affect how you trade and the methods you use.

Module 2: Supply and Demand

This is the foundation of how the markets move and how I trade. This module covers what supply and demand is, how to identify the best levels to trade from, the importance of profit potential for your trading opportunities, and more. In this section I walk you through what you should be looking for and how you should markup your charts with examples.

Module 3: Support and Resistance

Support and resistance levels cannot be ignored in the markets. Big moves happen from these levels too so I'll show you how to identify them, mark them up on your charts, and how to use them in your trading.

Module 4: Exhaustion

Imagine knowing when buyers and sellers are about to step into the market with volume? When you understand what exhaustion is and where to look for it, you will increase the odds of your trades working out by entering when you have more proof of participants about to enter the market in your intended direction. This module breaks it down for you. This is a major key that's been missing for many.

Module 5: Identifying The Trend

The trend is your friend they say. We've all heard it, but how do you identify a trend, and how do you trade it. This module teaches you how to identify which trend you are in but also knowing how to spot counter trends and the importance of understanding when they start and end.

Module 6: Major Market Patterns

There are a few key market patterns that can be used to add confluence to your trades and help you pick the right direction to trade in. When this is added to you other knowledge your results will improve. This module explains these key patterns and how to use them profitably with examples.

Module 7: Reading Price

A major module which uses everything you've learnt so far to break down the markets with examples. I cover top down analysis, how to trade short with the trend, how to trade short against the trend, how to trade long with the trend and how to trade long against the trend. Please understand that if you only trade with the trend you will miss some of the best trading opportunities with the highest risk/reward ratios on offer. These videos show you how to safely trade in any direction.

Module 8: Trade Management

Now you know how to analyse the markets, we look at getting the best entries, understanding when to exit and most importantly securing those profits. From taking full or partial profits we cover it all to make sure you do whats best.

Module 9: Money Management

This module looks at the importance of money management, what's involved and why risk/reward is s key to long term success.

Module 10: Developing Discipline

This module delves into how to implement discipline in your trading. If you cannot adopt a disciplined approach to the markets, you will not see the success you desire.

Module 11: Success Tools

The tools shared in this module will assist you on your trading journey as you follow protocols and track your performance to make the necessary improvements to your trading.

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