– Zanzibar System for the EuroFx

Do you find yourself left out of currency trading? Are margins too high? Is volatility too great? Well then, let me show you how to warm up your trading. Let me tell you about our new method:

If you have trouble picturing a method that can start you on your way to trading success, then picture this:

ZANZiBAR can be your ticket to the kind of lifestyle successful traders are able to live today!

What if you could win almost 80% of the time trading one of the world’s most popular currencies? We are confident that you can. We began our testing of the ZANZiBART on January 5, 2005. The statistics are startling!

Of course you realize that no matter how carefully we test a method, the results for each individual may differ from our testing. That is why all charts and statistical tables for a method must be labeled “simulated.”

But one of the reasons we are so excited about the ZANZiBART method is that by using limit orders, prices almost always trade through the limit, meaning our statistics are closer to reality than we thought possible. You will almost always be filled at the limit price if prices trade through the limit!

In more than one year of trading the ZANZiBART came out the winner 79.3% of the time, with a profit factor of 2.52 ($wins/$losses).

With 87 trades, the method returned $6,700 but our tests ran for more than one year. To trade this method, our statistics show that you need an account size of less than $4,100! Isn’t that incredible? What I’m saying is that by simply trading 10 lots, the potential is there to earn $67,000 and all you need to do is to trade on average 80 times per year!

There were 69 total winners for the ZANZiBART against only 18 losses, and here’s another amazing statistic: The largest loss was only $425!!

At one point in our testing, the ZANZiBART ran 10 wins in a row; consecutive losses were only 3.

What else can I tell you? The ZANZiBART was designed for the electronically traded Euro FX futures contract. It trades from a 60-minute chart. No in-and-out trading with this method. No way! You will know your entry points, your objectives, and your protective stop before you ever hit the button to buy or sell.

Here’s how the equity looked by subtracting $5 commissions

Here’s how equity looked subtracting for $7.50 commissions

Here’s how equity looked taking off $10 commissions

Of course, no one should be paying $10 commissions to day trade. If you are paying that much or more, you should contact us for a broker referral.

If you are familiar with Trading Educators, you know that we market only quality products that we ourselves program, test, and trade. And we never leave you begging for help. We support every method we sell. We guarantee every method we sell, and we even tell you when to stop trading a method if it begins to falter. That way, losses are kept small and controlled. We provide you with a tool that lets you keep track of the equity the method produces for you. We do that because you need to know your equity using the method from the time you begin trading it.

The ball is now in your court. What are you going to do about it? Will you buy it now? Will you give the ZANZiBART a 60-day trial? It’s up to you. We are trading it and we know what it can do. But you will have to find out for yourself, won’t you?!

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