Jack Hopman – Ads Certification Academy

2-Day Ph.D. Master Class:

You Will Learn

  • How To Make Every Click Count In Ads
  • Which Keywords Generate The Most Calls For Local Business
  • All About Negative Keywords So You Don’t Waste Clients' Money

Master Classes:

  • Training #1: Basics of Ads
  • Training #2: Create a Ads account
  • Training #3: Create a Search campaign
  • Training #4: Create Call Only Campaign
  • Training #5: Ad Extensions
  • Training #6: Use Keyword Planner
  • Training #7: Set Your Keyword Match Types
  • Training #8: Add Negative Keywords To Campaigns
  • Training #9: About Ad Scheduling
  • Training #10: How To View The Search Terms Report
  • Training #11: Set Up A Shared Budget
  • Training #12: Set Up Conversion Tracking
  • Training #13: Edit Your Campaign Settings
  • Training #14: Demographic Targeting
  • Training #15: Create Your First Display Campaign
  • Training #16: Set Up Your Lists For Search Campaign
  • Training #17: Create A Responsive Search Ad
  • Training #18: How To Create A New Search Campaign With A Dynamic Ad Group In Your Search Campaign
  • Training #19: How To Create Your Dynamic Ads
  • Training #20: Use Segments In Your Tables
  • Training #21: Add Or Remove Columns In Your Statistics Table
  • Training #22: Download Campaigns, Ad Groups, And Extensions, Or Keywords Performance Report
  • Training #23: Manage Access To Your Ads Account
  • Training #24: Ads Certification

Awesome Free Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: How To Get The Clients Who Will Pay Monthly Cash For Your Ads Management Services
  • Bonus 2: Email Lead Gen Letter
  • Bonus 3: Ads Client Getting Website
  • Bonus 4: Access to Local Academy Private Group

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