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Spread Trading. It's exciting. Stimulating. Highly profitable. Yet - it remains a mystery to most traders. Despite the benefits offered by this dynamic hedge tool, many traders don't understand how to recognize relationships in the commodity and financial markets - and use them to enhance their trading performance.

Now, renowned market maker offers the definitive book on this exciting technique, outlining strategies for analyzing opportunities, tactics for implementation, and savvy advice on overcoming the psychological barriers that hold most spread traders back. Four easy-to-follow sections reveal exactly what it takes to trade based on the concept of differential - or the relationship between commodities or similar products - including…

  • 1) factors that make for the most successful spreaders, and developing a strategic game plan for spreading success.
  • 2) Technical analysis and spread trading - seasonal, cyclical, and historical spread relationships to exploit, such as using spreads in the grain market to profit from summer drought.
  • 3) Spread trading methods of the top market experts. Specific strategies that have proved successful by the specialists in various asset classes.
  • 4) Every principle & benefit spread trading affords from discovering opportunities in seemingly dull markets to earning greater long-term profits with highly calculated risk.

Good spreaders are daring yet disciplined, focused yet flexible, well-prepared yet able to think on their feet - and Abell arms readers with the analytical and psychological skills required to be not just good, but great traders, as he outlines techniques for…

Trading to win, instead of trading not to lose Building the inevitability of drawdowns into your strategy Identify the market signal, or "spread entry point" And many more important tools for winning big by spreading trading.

With a foreword by the CBOT's chairman Patrick Arbor, this timely handbook will equip you to face head-on the challenge of spread trading in the real world.

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