Hollywood Camera Works – Directing Actors Volume 1-11

Become an Actor's Director with the definitive training in working with Actors and crafting strong, deep performances.

A Journey to a Mind-Set

Years in the making, Directing Actors is the most comprehensive acting and training in the world. Created by Per Holmes, the course teaches a better way to be a Director, by having extremely strong technique, and the right philosophy and personality on the set.

Through over a thousand examples, we cover literally every acting and technique, every interaction between Actor and Director, and we cast, rehearse and shoot 9 scenes.

Directing Actors is the result of Per Holmes' personal obsession with resolving once and for all the best way to work with Actors. Every known technique has been tested, and the results are surprising, sometimes shocking.

Directing Actors has involved almost 150 people through 7 years of development and 5 years of shooting and editing, including over 50 Actors who have gracefully allowed us to show the process without any filters.


On the first volume, which you can watch in its entirety here, we lay the philosophical groundwork by understanding which part of the character actually comes from the acting. We talk about how not seeing the story character and not accepting yourself as you are results in pushy acting.


Active Ideas are the thoughts that produce behavior. What we're looking for is simple thoughts that are easy to think, but that produce complex behavior that runs effortlessly by itself.

There are certain categories of thoughts at the heart of every good acting technique. On Volume 2-8, we not only map every every Active Idea that's known to work, we add a new level of understanding, and we re-evaluate many myths, for example that result is bad or that active verbs are good, which is not that simple.


It's really true that if you cast someone right, most of your work is already done. Directing Actors takes you through a full casting process, where you learn how to find out if someone is right for the part, whether they can really act, what positive and negative signs to look for, and how to direct during the audition so you get real data.

We're also interested in how to run the casting session, and how to create an environment that encourages Actors to reveal their talents. We discuss everything from how to arrange the casting space, to how to videotape it, going through callbacks, ending in test-pairings of potential leads.

Whether you're a Director or an Actor, sitting in on a casting is an enlightening, but also emotionally painful process.


The next two volumes are part of a Directing Workflow from rehearsal through shooting, in super slow-motion so we can analyze everything. Starting with rehearsal, this is something many people skip, thinking it'll make the characters more spontaneous.

But not rehearsing makes the characters hollow and empty, you'll have no toolbox or common language on the set, and the acting won't be ready for prime time.

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