Gregoire Dupont – 4x4 Video Series


  1. 4×4 Process: An introduction to the all-weather investment framework
  2.  Big 5 Asset Classes: How to build a diversified portfolio that works in all market conditions
  3.  Real GDP: How to use our understanding of real GDP trend to allocate capital across regions
  4.  Historical Returns: How to put the odds in our favor by understanding the past
  5.  Implied Volatility: How to use options’ implied volatility to determine the market expectation
  6.  Employment Situation: The relationship between labor market conditions and inflation
  7.  Inflation: Why the headline number is misleading and what we should actually be focusing on
  8.  Retail Sales & Industrial Production: How to use a coincident indicator to filter trade ideas
  9.  Central Banks and Interest Rates: Possible impact on our portfolio
  10.  Consumer Sentiment: Why this leading indicator is more important for U.S. stocks
  11.  Other Leading Indicators: More insights for idea generation
  12.  ISM Manufacturing PMI: The best indicator for generating trade ideas in U.S. manufacturing stocks
  13.  ISM Services NMI: The best indicator for generating trade ideas in U.S. services stocks
  14.  Markit PMI: How to generate high-quality cross-country trade ideas with Markit PMI
  15.  European Sentiment Indicator (ESI): The best indicator for generating trade ideas in European stocks
  16.  Big Picture: Confused yet? Making sense of all the macro data
  17.  Top-Down Filtering: An overview
  18.  Fundamentals and Valuation: What do traders look for in a stock
  19.  Filtering Process (Part 1): How to avoid the dead-money situation
  20.  Filtering Process (Part 2): How to identify potential stocks for further analysis within a sector/industry
  21. Bottom-Up Evaluation: How to Quantitatively Analyze a Stock
  22. Idea Generation: Why you should not Overlook Bottom-Up Trade Ideas
  23. Idea Generation: How to Generate good Trade Ideas from the Bottom-Up
  24. Bottom-Up Evaluation: How to Qualitatively Analyze a Stock
  25. Foreign Exchange: How does Currency Movement Affect our Portfolio
  26. Derivatives: How to use Options to Hedge your Portfolio
  27. How to Organize and Monitor your Trade Ideas in your Watchlist
  28. Timing: How to Use Technical Analysis and Price Action to Time your Entry
  29. Timing: How Volume can Help us to Understand Market Condition, Generate Trade Ideas, and Time our Entries
  30. How to Build a Long/Short Equity Portfolio from Scratch
  31. Risk Management Rules to Eliminate the Risk of Blowing Up your Portfolio
  32. How to Build a Long/Short Equity Portfolio (Examples)
  33. How to Use your P&L to Optimize your Portfolio Performance

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