Bill & - Gritty Course

Basic stuff that you can learn elsewhere

This course was created by Bill Poulos. This guy has been selling more Forex courses than happy kids there are in this world. I say stay away from this course, here are the main reasons:

  1. The course is an introduction to Forex. You can get all that information and more for free at
  2. The author has created other methods like Forex Profit Accelerator and Forex Income Engine whose strategies have absolutely no edge (I have automated them and backtested them, meaning this guy doesnt know what he does, except when selling his stuff.
  3. Bill Poulos has no track record that evidences he is a good trader who understands the forex markets. He has a solid record selling forex courses though. Every few months he comes out with another useless material.

I'm going to give him two stars in education as the chapters about risk management and dynamic position sizing are good.

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